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As a stage, Darms is host to more Doms than any stage that you've encountered so far. In fact, they will be the only enemy that you encounter throughout the entire stage. You'll meet a full variety of them, from the basic green, to the stacking gray, to the flying blue and the fast moving reds.

Space Harrier Stage 11.png
  • The stage starts off with two sets of three green Doms zipping to the right and left along the ground as they fire missiles at you. They are followed closely by a trio of gray Doms who will stack up on one another as they attack.
  • Three blue Doms will approach you, and then leap in the air as they fire missiles at you, before flying back into the distance.
  • Two more sets of three green Doms appear, followed by a trio of blue Doms, and then by a trio of gray Doms. As the gray Doms get closer, two fast moving red Doms will appear on either side, and jump around as they fire fast bursts of missiles at you.
  • Next, two trios of gray Doms will approach. They will be quickly joined by another pair of red Doms. As the red Doms cause trouble, a trio of blue Doms will appear from behind you and fly off into the background as they attack. Near the tail end of all of this, another trio of blue Doms will appear from off in the distance and fly toward you until they pass you by.
  • One pair of red Doms will appear, followed fairly quickly by another pair. Then a trio of blue Doms will appear from behind you and fly off into the distance.

Boss: Salpedon[edit]

Space Harrier Stage 11 boss.png

The boss of this stage is a two headed skeletal dragon known as Salpedon. Despite appearing as an undead version of Godarni, he's really not any different to fight than the stage 3 boss. Keep moving around to avoid all of the fireballs that both heads produce as they approach you, and use their retreat as an opportunity to score some safe hits before they get too far and start advancing again.