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There's only one type of enemy that you will encounter on NATURA: Doms. Every kind of Dom robot makes an appearance on this stage, and nothing else. That means keep moving in large circles around the screen in order to avoid getting struck by missiles. Holding still will nearly guarantee that you get hit.

Space Harrier Stage 16.png
  • A set of three green Doms slowly approach from the distance, followed by a second set of three.
  • They are quickly followed up by two blue Doms. Two flying blue Doms will appear from behind you, turn around and shoot at you, and then fly off into the distance.
  • Two green Doms will approach from the distance, one on each side. Then three blue Doms will appear, and then fly up and retreat if you let them live long enough. Two red Doms will appear behind them.
  • Three stacking gray Doms will appear, and perform their usual trick of climbing up on top of each others' shoulders. Two red Doms will appear behind them. Then three flying Doms will rush towards you from the distance.
  • Next, two sets of three gray Doms will appear, followed by two red Doms.
  • Three red Doms appear from the right side. Then two red Doms appear, one on each side, followed by a second set which does the same.

Boss: Stanley[edit]

Space Harrier Stage 16 boss.png

The boss of NATURA is actually an indestructible mothership known as Stanley. It flies in from the distance, and hovers in the sky. It is completely indestructible. Don't even bother focusing any firepower on it, as it is useless. The only thing you can really do to stay alive, is to focus on the Valkyries and Doms that appear from the ship and attack you. Since they all shoot missiles, you're going to want to continue moving in large circular motions in order to avoid getting shot. It won't take that long before the enemies stop appearing, and the ship flies away, permitting you to advance to the next stage.