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You've been through this before. Just like in CEICIEL and REVI, the background will be obscured by an upper layer of terrain that flies over you like a ceiling. In addition to the columns, you must avoid the Binzubins which now alternate between the floor and the ceiling very rapidly. The scene will darken during the middle of the course, and the Binzubins will flash bright yellow as they race by.

Space Harrier Stage 14.png
  • Before the first set of Makuden appear, the Binzubins will appear on both the floor and the ceiling two times. You'll need to move very quickly in order to find a safe region to fly through. The scene will darken and the Binzubins will begin to flash in order to make them easier to spot. Then three Makuden ships will appear from behind you on the right and fly forward.
  • The Binzubins will resume, appearing twice on the floor and ceiling before three more Makuden ships appear from behind you on the right. These next three Makuden ships will double back around if you don't defeat them.
  • The Binzubin continue to alternate between the floor and the ceiling. Three Makuden ships will next appear from behind you on the left, and any survivors will double back around to attack.
  • After more Binzubins go rushing by, six Makuden will appear from behind you, three on the left and three on the right. They will fly off into the distance cross in the middle, and fly back towards you before the sky opens back up and the boss appears.

Boss: Barbarian[edit]

Space Harrier Stage 14 boss.png

The boss of this stage is extremely similar to the boss of IDA, Shura. Like Shura, Barbarian is a face surrounded a ring of mushrooms which orbit around him. Also like Shura, Barbarian moves around in a wide circle, getting close to you, but then disappearing very far into the background before making a return trip. However, unlike Shura, it does not appear possible to defeat Barbarian until all eight of the mushroom that surround him have been destroyed. In the meantime, Barbarian sends lot of fireballs you way to keep you moving. Anticipate his return trip by waiting for him on the right side of the screen if you're not in danger of being struck by fireballs.