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Most zerg structures need to be on creep to stay alive. If any structure is not on the creep they will slowly die. Only Hatcheries, Overlords and Creep Tumors can generate creep. A drone must morph into the structure which turns the unit into a structure and it cannot be reversed once the structure is complete.


Spawns larva, creates creep and the primary zerg structure.


The second level of the Hatchery. Allows Hydralisks, mutalisks, corruptors and Infestors to be created. Also allows overlords to morph into overseers and various upgrades to be evolved.


The final transformation of the Hatchery. It has high health and allows Ultralisk caverns to be created.

Infested Command Center[edit]

This structure does not spawn suicide soldiers and it is only seen in the campaign.

Spawning Pool[edit]

It allows the spawning of Zerglings and offers upgrades such as increased movement. Cost 200 minerals.


Cost 35 minerals and required to harvest any gas.

Evolution Chamber[edit]

Contains research upgrades for burrow (unlocks burrow), slime (Overlord), generate Creep (Overlord – this ability also increases Zerg buildings' Creep generation speed), and allows the Queen to produce Shriekers, increasing the range of the Sunken Cluster and Swarm Cluch abilities.

Hydralisk Den[edit]

This structure requires a Lair first and then you can spawn Hydralisks. Can upgrade the Hydralisks attack range.


Required to morph flyers and upgrade attack and defense. Takes 100 seconds to build.

Greater Spire[edit]

Required to morph the corrupter into brood lords and upgrade the air attacks and air armor to the next level. Takes 100 seconds to make a greater spire.

Ultralisk Cavern[edit]

Required to spawn the Ultralisk which can defeat Archons, thors and Colossus. Also the upgrade there can make ultralisks have more armor that rivals even Battlecruisers.

Infestation Pit[edit]

Allows production of Infesters.

Infested Barracks[edit]

This structure is seen in the campaign only. It must be destroyed in mission Outbreak.

Infested Supply Depot[edit]

This structure is seen only in the campaign. It must be destroyed in mission Outbreak.

Infested Starport[edit]

Appears only in mission outbreak which must be destroyed or spawns of infested humans will do non-stop attacks.

Baneling Nest[edit]

It allows Zerglings to morph into Banelings and contains Baneling upgrades (increases speed as in make the banelings roll instead of crawl).

Roach Warren[edit]

It enables the spawning of Roaches, and contains Roach upgrades (heals roach faster and allow roaches to move underground).

Nydus Worm[edit]

A worm that pops out of the ground at any location and spawns creep around it. It can deliver any zerg to any location including Ultralisks.

Spine crawler[edit]

A Mobile Anti Ground defense structure that is effective against ground units.

The Spine Crawlers are easily countered by Marauders, Siege tanks, Banelings, Massed Zerglings, Immortals and colossus and any air units.

Spore Crawler[edit]

Has high health(400) and is best against air units. Can move to a different location. Detects stealth.

Infested Missile Turret[edit]

Even when infested it still sees cloaked units and fight jets.

Spore cannon[edit]

Found only on Char and used to defend Char from the Terrans. Destroying these structures will reveal some gas to pick up.


Found on Haven and it Infests any Terran colonists nearby and must be destroyed or more endless waves of Infested Terrans will keep attacking.