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Dominion's FRFET(Fast Rush Fast Expand and Turtle) build.The strategy involve in building two barracks at 12 and 13 supply respectively.At 22supply,build a command centre and at 30food,fast rush attack on the opponent.The strategy involve plenty micro and a little of luck.It is consider a risky strategy but if successful it will pay of greatly.

10depot 12rax 13rax 22cc 30rush turtle

The strategy became famous after IM.MVP used in against DRG in GSL 2013 Finals.The strategy,however,was never fully utilized by its creator,Dominion,a Southeast Asian player who ranks at Platinum Top 5 at highest.

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Vs Zerg[edit]

Here is what is recommended against zerg players:

  • 16 vikings to deal with corruptors and brood lords
  • 8 thors for mutalisks
  • 8 Battlecruisers for attacking
  • 2 ravens to deal with those burrowed roaches and infestors which both can be a real problem for the Terran players.
  • Finally at least 8 siege tanks to deal with any zerg ground power.