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Only marines, SCVs, Hellions Medivacs and Vikings do not need tech labs to be built.


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Campaign and multiplayer Units[edit]

Melee Units are included in both the online matchmaking modes, and the campaign.



The worker of the Terran forces, allowing the construction of buildings and repair of units. In the singleplayer campaign, permanent upgrades for SCVs can be purchased, reducing the cost of producing an SCV and repairs, respectively.


Mules are droids that are called down from an Orbital Command, assisting SCVs in mining work and repairing. They will stop working after 90 seconds. MULES mine at a faster rate than SCVs, producing thirty minerals for every yield instead of five.



In StarCraft II, Marines will be able to receive a ballistic alloy combat shield upgrade that increases their hit points by 10 thus making them have 55 HP. Once upgraded, the Marines' game model will change to include a shield and bayonet. Marines will have two more upgrades beyond the weapon and armor upgrades: Stimpacks and U-238 shells (abilities possessed at BlizzCon 2007).

Marines can be countered by Siege tanks, Hellions, Banelings, Brood lords and colossus.



The Marauder is equipped with dual grenade launchers, and does extra damage against armored units. It can use Stimpacks in multiplayer. You can upgrade marauders to slow down units when their grenades hit at the tech lab.

The Marauder is considered an early support unit, designed to pick off early game units. An upgraded marauder is useful for slowing down fast melee units such as the Zealot.

Marauders are strong against thors, Roaches and Stalkers while weak to marines, Zerglings and zealots and any air units.



Reapers specialize in hit-and-run, close-quarters combat. They are more mobile than Marines as their jet packs allow them to surmount obstacles independently. Reapers are clad in self-contained body suits, and are armed with dual P-45 Scythe Gauss Pistols(against units) and deuterium-eight demolition charges(against buildings).

Reapers are drawn from Marine recruits that could not be successfully subjugated by neural resocialization. These resistant recruits tend to be among the most hardened of criminals, and are sent instead to the "Icehouse" in the Torus system to be inducted into the Reaper Corps. Reaper recruits are chemically altered to make them even more aggressive before being subjected to brutal training in close-quarters combat and the use of their jet packs.

While theoretically a Reaper who survives two years of duty would be pardoned and released back to civilian life, in its five years the Reaper Corps has yet to have a single trooped survive more than six months.

In the campaign the reaper can throw special bombs that do heavy area damage to both units and structures.



Ghosts gain some new abilities suiting their role as special forces troopers. They also have a higher rate of fire.

Ghosts are trained at a Barracks with an attached Tech Lab, and require a Ghost Academy. Ghosts may be available earlier in the tech tree, but abilities like Cloaking would only be available afterwards.

The below is a listing of the Ghost's special abilities; however, all information here is tentative and subject to change pending the release of the game.

  1. Cloak
  • Makes the Ghost invisible to anything but detectors.
  1. Nuclear Strike
  • Similar to the ability in StarCraft but does 300 damage to all units and 500 to structures. Launching player sees a large red symbol on the target area while the opponent only sees a red dot.
  1. Sniper Round
  • Requiring 45 energy, this ability deals 25 damage(50 to psionic targets) to any biological unit, ignoring any armor.
  1. EMP Round
  • Similar to the Science Vessel's EMP Shockwave ability, the EMP Shot is an area of effect attack which drains 100 shields from units and structures and all energy from spellcasters. Only used in multiplayer.

Can be upgraded to stay cloaked forever and upgraded to have a longer range attack and see much farther. Also they are trained a lot faster than reapers.



Replacing the Jackal (which had replaced the Vulture), this vehicle relies on speed and a flamethrower to deal with masses of smaller units. They work especially well against early Zerg units and marines but do not send them after roaches, marauders and stalkers. It can be upgraded to do double damage to light armored units and altogether more damage at the factory tech lab.

Siege Tank[edit]


The Siege Tank continues to function as it did in previous games with the dual tank and artillery modes. The tank cannot fire when moving, leaving the tank vulnerable to attacks by melee units.

The Siege Tank is a heavy mechanical ground unit with a long range and high damage capabilities. When in Siege Mode, the tank now spreads its treads in four directions while still sprouting two clamps to help keep it stationary. The Siege Mode attack has an area of effect; however the Protoss Immortals are able to reduce its damaging effects to a minimum. Mobile or stationary, Siege Tanks can only attack ground units.

Siege tanks are ideal for countering massed marines, marauders, roaches, hydralisks and stalkers and do good against the Thors, Ultralisks and colossus but weak against air units.



Heavy assault mech made to take down strong ground units like the Ultralisk. Its special ability can stun its target and do 500 damage to anything it hits. Also has strong anti air cluster missiles which can damage groups of flyers. It is strong against Light air units, marines and stalkers but weak against marauders, zerglings and immortals and Ultralisks can resist thors and do heavy damage with their kaiser blades which do bonus damage to armored targets.


A more powerful version of the Thor. The Odin can use a nuclear missile. Its barrage attack costs less energy than the Thor's ability, and can attack any unit and structure. It is not very powerful against Battlecruisers however and its AA attack does not do splash damage due to its a prototype. It is only in the campaign.



The Brood War revealed weaknesses in Terran anti-air capability. Wraith combat fighters and Valkyrie missile frigates proved to be an unwieldy combination against agile Zerg airborne organisms. In addition, ground-based anti-air support from Goliath assault walkers was too limited in its mobility: all too often airborne attackers would simply move out of the Goliath's range.

In the aftermath of the war, Terran weapon technicians proposed a radical new concept to resolve both of these problems. Based heavily on the transformation design of the Siege Tank, the Viking was designed to be the ultimate anti-air and ground-support weapon system. With the ability to change its combat role from an assault walker to an air-superiority fighter, the Viking can switch smoothly to fulfill tactical needs in a developing battle.

While the Viking's versatility is its greatest asset, it is also one of its drawbacks. Few pilots are able to handle both combat modes and the majority of Viking pilots are killed in their first battle. Those who survive however, become amongst the most skilled pilots.

The Viking is produced from the Starport.

Walker Mode

In the walker mode the Viking has low armor, leaving it vulnerable to powerful ground units such as Siege Tanks.

The walker mode is armed with twin gatling cannons. it can only attack ground units (a change from previous builds).

Karune stated that its ground mode could attack both ground and air units but that ability was undergoing balancing testing and may have been removed.

Fighter Mode

When in this mode the Viking has an extremely powerful anti-air attack (MT50 Lanzer Torpedoes) designed to destroy capital ships but does not have the ability to attack ground units. In this mode, it has superior mobility and base-raiding capabilities. Vikings are strong against slow moving targets like Battlecruisers, Corruptors, Void Rays and colossi but expect it to be weak against marines, thors, Mutalisks, Hydralisks, stalkers and anything that is fast moving due to Vikings are fragile to anything.


Upgrades include making Vikings do splash damage with ripwave missiles and long range firepower.



Dropships will appear in StarCraft II; they have also received the Medics' healing ability. A variant named the Hercules Dropship is set to appear in story mode only.

Can be upgraded to drop passengers faster and heal two infantry at the same time at the cost of more energy in the campaign.



The Raven, formerly known as the "Nighthawk", "Vulcan", and "Nomad", is analogous to the Science Vessel of the original StarCraft, and are "primarily support craft" for the Terran faction. Ravens originally were said to "look like a floating construction crane that's been bent into a square", but have since received a completely new design.

In addition to being detectors, Ravens have several special abilities:

  • Auto-Turret, which uses energy to drop an Auto-Turret. The turret is a decent defender and makes for an even better harasser. These do have a timed life.
  • Defensive Drones. These intercept incoming missiles and enemy fire. These do also have a time life.
  • Hunter-Seeker Missile. This missile deals 150 area-of-effect damage against both ground and air targets. The splash damage can damage friendly units; the missile kills on contact and can be avoided if the targeted unit retreats for the specific amount of time. The missile will have a slight delay after launch, and a visual indicator shows which unit is being targeted, enabling the other player to respond. It cannot target buildings, but can damage them if it attacks units right next to a building.



A Stealth Aircraft that is effective against ground forces.

It has light armor and is not very fast so use it as hit and run or sabotaging the other player's workers. It can be upgraded to cloak at the starport tech lab.

The Banshees are weak against any air unit that can take them down easily including Vikings, Mutalisks, corruptors and phoenixes while its ground unit counters include thors, hydralisks and stalkers.



The default weaponry of the Battlecruiser is no longer a single powerful attack. Instead it will fire multiple laser bolts, each inflicting 8 damage on ground units and 6 on aircraft. These units have a health of 550 and armor of 3. Their weapon speed is a lot faster than marine weapons or even zergling claws.

Battlecruisers take 110 seconds to build in the campaign while they take 90 seconds in multiplayer. The Battlecruiser can be outfitted with missile pods to deal with swarms of light flyers and a defensive matrix to protect the battlecruiser.

Yamato Cannon does 300 damage to anything it hits. Just do not use these units on Vikings, Corruptors or the void ray.


These units only appear in the campaign, and cannot be used online in match-making.


Can attack while moving. Attacks ground units. Weak against Marauders, zerglings and immortals.


The Firebat's role remains unchanged from its original incarnation: flamethrower-wielding infantry with splash damage. In StarCraft II, the unit has received a health buff to 100 points and wider splash. They can be upgraded with Incinerator Gauntlets (+40% attack area) and Juggernaut Plating (+2 armor) at the Hyperion's Armory.

Also, the player can purchase Mercenary Firebats in the form of the Devil Dogs. These units spawn with +60% health and +25% damage. Firebats are good only against Light units only and weak against everything else.


Anti air and anti ground attackers. Missiles do extra damage to Armored air targets like Void Rays but its not meant to take on ground units like Stalkers and immortals. Upgrades includes can target air and ground simultaneously and long range attacking.

Hercules Dropship[edit]

Unarmed Massive transport that can carry more passengers than the Medivacs and if shot down over ground all units transported inside it will survive.


Heals biological units and useful for when Marines got stims and are stationed in bunkers.


Terran melee attacker that can take down swarms of zerglings.

Science Vessel[edit]

The unit has changed significantly from the original it still retains its role as a support unit. Can do serious damage to biological units with its Irradiate ability and repairs mechanical units Nan-repair like the medic.

It is unlocked in the campaign for 20 protoss research points.


Spectres are elite ghost agents which have been exposed to the psionic reagent substance terrazine. They were created as part of Project Shadow Blade, previously led by General Horace Warfield.

Spectres have similar strengths and weaknesses with Ghosts, faring well against Massive units, but falling under the pressure of massed units. Spectres have the ability to use nuclear strikes, personal cloaking, ultrasonic pulse, and psionic lash. Nuclear strike and personal cloaking work similarly to ghosts, but ultrasonic pulse and psionic lash are spectre-only skills. Ultrasonic pulse stuns an area near the casting spectre, and psionic lash deals 200 damage over 3 seconds to one target.

Spectres can be upgraded with the Nyx-class Cloaking Module, which makes the energy drain from personal cloaking less than the mana gain, spectres to remain cloaked indefinitely.


This unit is fast as hellions and can lay mines.


Cerberus Mines

Enhances spider mine trigger and blast radius by 33%.

Replenishable Magazine

Vultures can replenish spider mines, once per use of this ability. A vulture can carry a maximum of three spider mines. This ability is autocast.


Can attack air and ground targets. It can still cloak and it is useful against Carriers and Battlecruisers if not detected. Two upgrades can make the wraith start with 100 energy and if detected it can dodge 20% any range attacks.


In the campaign the Terrans have access to mercenaries which are powerful versions of certain units like the War pigs are super versions of the Marines. The Terrans can only have a limited amount of mercenaries out like only 2 Hammer Securities out on the field.

War Pigs[edit]

4 Powerful Marines with high health points and powerful rifles. Can be summoned only for a maximum of 3 squads.

Devil Dogs[edit]

Two powerful versions of the Firebats. Can only be summoned up to 2 squads.

Hammer Securities[edit]

Two powerful versions of the marauder. Can only summon 2 squads.

Spartan Company[edit]

Two Powerful Goliaths that got powerful autocannons and missiles. Can only summoned up to two squads.

Siege Breakers[edit]

Two powerful Siege Tanks that got powerful Siege mode artillery weapons. Only can be used twice.

Hel's Angels[edit]

3 Strong Vikings that has more health and firepower than a standard Viking.

Dusk Wings[edit]

Basically two Powerful upgraded versions of the Banshees.

Jackson's Revenge[edit]

One powerful Battlecruiser with high health points.