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Nintendo 64 Gamecube Wii (Classic Controller) Action
Neutral control Neutral control Neutral lstick
  • Move Link
  • Aim weapons
  • Move cursor for menu selection
A button A button A button
  • Perform an action
  • Jump
  • Roll
  • Advance dialog
  • Confirm menu selection
  • Play instrument note

Context sensitive, and its purpose will change depending on the situation.

B button B button B button
  • Attack with sword
  • Cancel
  • Skip dialog
  • Save (on the pause menu)

Move Neutral control(Neutral control,Neutral lstick) while pressing B button(B button,B button) for different attacks.

(Hold)B button (Hold)B button (Hold)B button Sword spin stance (without magic) or charge sword spin (with magic).
R button R button R button
  • Raise shield
  • Scroll right through subscreens

Use to deflect projectiles and block attacks. If targeting an object, Link can move around while blocking.

If an enemy is Targeted while Link is swimming, the shield can still be used.

L button Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Show/hide onscreen mini-map.
Z button L button L button
  • Use the Targeting system to lock on to the nearest object, monster, or person
  • Scroll left through subscreens
  • Center the camera behind Link

While locked on, use B button(B button,B button) to attack, or A button(A button,A button) to talk.

The Targeting system can be configured on the options menu of the game select screen. Switch Mode, which is tapping the button, is good for beginners and Hold mode, which is holding the button is challenging for veterans.

Up c Up cstick Up rstick
  • First-person view
  • Respond to Tatl
  • Play instrument note
Left c Left cstick, Y button Left rstick, Y button
  • Use assigned item or weapon
  • Play instrument notes

(These buttons are assigned on the inventory menu.)

Right c Right cstick, X button Right rstick, X button
Down c Down cstick, Z button Down rstick, Zl button, Zr button
Start button Start button Plus button Pause the game and display the pause menu.