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You've now beaten three bosses. Your last direction to go to is the east, so grab your trusty horse (you'll need it) and get going.

After jumping over a bunch of fences, you'll see that a large cliff prevents progress. Your only option is to follow the passage to the left...

Ikana Graveyard[edit]

The Ikana Graveyard is where the souls of the kingdom of Ikana rest. Go right to the very back and you'll notice a large skull. Play the Sonata of Awakening to enter a battle...

Mini-boss: Skull Keeta[edit]

Skull Keeta runs away, and your job is to follow him. On the way, flame walls will stop your progress, and you'll need to kill the Stalchildren to progress. You can shoot Fire Arrows at Skull Keeta to stun him shortly. Once you slash him once, the real battle starts. He will either try to attack you directly, or attempt to jump onto you. Slash him any way you like and he should be defeated soon.

Once he is defeated, the flames around the treasure chest at the top will disappear. Use your Hookshot to get to the chest and open it to claim the Captain's Hat.

Beneath the Graveyard[edit]

You need it to be the first night. Once you're there, go to the graveyard. You'll see a group of Stalchildren walk around a grave. Put on your Captain's Hat and you'll be able to speak to them, command them to open the grave and then jump in.

Once there, follow the straightforward path and you'll come across a room full of bats. Dispose of them any way you like and a chest will appear (it contains 50 Rupees). To open the door, light up the three torches with Fire Arrows. In the next room you'll have to battle an Iron Knuckle. His axe hurts a lot, so avoid it at all costs! Evade his attack, slash at it (as human Link,) get away, rinse and repeat. After a while his armor will fall off. In this stage you might find it the easiest to simply stab him repeatedly. A few more slashes will get rid of him for once and for all. If all this is too difficult, bombs work against this guy as well.

Once the Iron Knuckle is gone, Flat, one of the Composer Brothers, will appear. Read his tombstone to learn the Song of Storms:

Song of Storms
A button Down c Up c A button Down c Up c

At this point, you still cannot get to Ikana Canyon. You're missing one last important item...

Gorman Bros' Racetrack[edit]

Get back to Milk Road, and follow the road that branches off to the left. Talk to the Gorman Bros' on horseback and they will challenge you to a race for 10 rupees. The race itself is rather straightforward and shouldn't be hard. If you do win, you get the Garo's Mask.

Now, return to the valley, go to the large cliff and put on the Garo's Mask. The wandering spirit will make a tree appear which you can use your Hookshot on to get to Ikana Canyon. Put off the Garo's Mask afterwards unless you like perpetual mini-boss battles. Simply follow the path avoiding the large boulders until you arrive...

Ikana Canyon[edit]

Go forward and you'll see two Octoroks. Use your Ice Arrows to make them serve as stepping stones to the other side of the river. Afterwards, hookshot your way to the top. At the top you'll find an Owl Statue to activate. Around here you'll also find Tingle, where you can buy a map for 20 Rupees. Follow the dried-up river to a cave...

Spring Water Cave[edit]

Walk forward and you'll meet Sharp, the other Composer Brother, who tries to put you to eternal sleep... Simply play the Song of Storms and he is history. This will also fill up the cave and make the river flow again and, in turn, kill all the Gibdos outside!

Back outside, you'll want to sneak in the Music Box House. If you have the Stone Mask waltz right in, otherwise, lure the child away (you can use bombs for this) and get inside. Walk downstairs and you'll see a scary half-mummy monster! But don't worry... Play the Song of Healing and he will be uncursed. Pamela will rush in to reunite with her father. You'll also get the Gibdo Mask!


The well is a long and convoluted dungeon, with many sidepaths and branches. This guide will only cover the minimum needed to complete the game.

First of all, before you even think about going down there, know that there are Gibdos inside who will only let you pass if you give them certain items. The following list shows what items you need at the very least, with short instructions on how to get them. You will need at least three bottles to store your items, if you don't have them, complete some sidequests.

  • 5 Magic Beans
    • Buy from the Deku Scrub Salesman next to the Swamp Tourist Center.
  • 10 Deku Nuts
    • Slash some Deku Babas in the swamp.
  • 10 Bombs
    • Slash some bushes, or buy from the Bomb Shop.
  • Fish
    • Catch one in the small stream in the Trading Post in West Clock Town.
  • Milk
    • In Termina Field, drop a bomb inside the wooden tunnel before the swamp. This will reveal a hidden grotto with cows inside, play Epona's Song and they will fill your bottle with milk.

Be sure to take a Powder Keg with you, as well! You'll need it later.

The well is found at the west side of Ikana Canyon in a corner. Simply drop down and enter. You'll need to be wearing the Gibdo Mask so you can speak to the Gibdos.

First, go to the right. The Gibdo wants "something delicious to chomp on", give him your Magic Beans and he will let you pass.

In the next room, immediately get out your shield because an Ice Keese is going to attack you. The room to the left contains spring water, which you won't need. Go forward (watch out for the Wallmaster), and you'll see two Gibdos. Speak to the right one to find out he wants "something that makes a blinding flash". Shell out the Deku Nuts to get to the next room.

Here, the side room contains bugs which are not needed either. Go forward avoiding the Fire Keese, and run around the corner to find another Gibdo. He wants "ten refreshing blasts", so give him your bombs and you can continue.

In the next room, you'll encounter a Big Poe. His strategy is straightforward - he appears somewhere, charges at you and turns invisible. Before he turns invisible, you have a short opportunity to strike him with an arrow. Repeat this procedure until he dies. Once you see his ghost, capture it in a bottle - you'll need it for later.

Return all the way back to the second room with the Ice Keese. This time speak to the other Gibdo, he wants something "deliciously fresh", so give him your fish to proceed. In the next room, simply run straight forward and talk to the Gibdo on the other side. He wants "a big ghost", so give him the Big Poe you caught earlier to proceed.

The next room has some spikes, combined with a Wallmaster. It might be better to simply run through the spikes so you don't get caught by the Wallmaster and brought back outside. The Gibdo on the other side wants "something rich in calcium", so give him your milk and you can go onward. You're now in the last room, where you simply need to light all the torches to acquire the Mirror Shield!

You can try out your new accessory right here - shine light on the sun face to make a ladder appear, then do the same to the sun block to make it disappear. This serves as a shortcut to the Ancient Castle of Ikana.

Ancient Castle of Ikana[edit]

NOTE: If you do not have a Powder Keg with you, you cannot continue here. Warp out and buy one in the Bomb Shop in West Clock Town. Now that you have the Mirror Shield, you can utilize a shortcut that doesn't involve going through the whole well again. In Ikana Canyon, you should surely have noticed the large gate not far from the Owl Statue. To the left of it is a small hole you can enter. In here, go to the left and slash the crystal switch to make the sun shine down, then deflect it to the sun block to make it disappear.

To the mini-boss[edit]

Go through the large entrance. The inside is littered with Redeads. If you wear the Captain's Hat, Gibdo Mask or Garo's Mask, they will just dance and not attack you. You'll find two frozen eye switches - shoot a Fire Arrow at the left one to make the left door open, then go through.

The next room is sort of a puzzle. First, transform into a Deku, hit the crystal switch, run forward to the Deku Flower nearest the pillar and hide in it until the ceiling falls again. Then, launch yourself out of it to force the ceiling up, drop, and launch again quickly to fly to the top of the nearby pillar. Take off the Deku Mask to be able to press the switch which opens the door. Shoot an arrow at the crystal switch, get across and go through.

Here, first use the Deku Flower to fly to the corner to your left, which has a switch. This switch opens the door at the other side. Now, use your Lens of Truth to discover a hidden ice platform you can use to get across. Before you do this, however, get out your bow and kill all the Skulltulas hanging from the ceiling. In the next room, simply kill the two Blue Bubbles (if they jinx you play the Song of Storms to heal yourself) and go upstairs.

Oot heart piece.png
Oot heart piece.png
Ancient Heart of Ikana
Once on the roof, climb on the wall and look to the right to discover a Piece of Heart. To reach it, hit the nearby crystal switch to make the flame pillars disappear, then quickly jump down and use the Deku Flowers to fly over.

Go through the door and you'll end up back outside. Climb the wall and follow it counter-clockwise until you're above the entrance, where you'll find a Deku Flower. Fly over to the switch to make a block move, which will be important for later. Now, simply jump down and go through the entrance again. This time, shoot a Fire Arrow at the right frozen eye switch and go through the right door.

This room contains a Floormaster, which can be a bit of a nuisance so kill it first. Now, shine light at the sun block to make it disappear, then continue onward through the door...

Mini-boss: Wizzrobe (3)[edit]

It's your old friend again. Same strategies from before apply, pretty much. Once he's done for, put on your mask, this is important because there'll be lots of Redeads right behind the door.

To the boss[edit]

In the next room, simply go upstairs. Walk to the back and around the corner to discover a large cracked area. Drop your Powder Keg here to blow a hole in the roof and drop down to return to the entrance. Shine light at the sun block in front of you to open up a new passage. Go forward through the door to meet the boss...

BOSS: Igos du Ikana[edit]

Igos du Ikana is the king of this place. The first thing he does is lower the curtains, after which he will release his grunts at you. You should immediately shoot a Fire Arrow at the curtains to burn them down and bring light back. Once you've done that, slash the two guys any way you like. Once their corpses fall down, get back to the light and deflect it onto the corpses to kill them.

After the two grunts are dead, the king himself will join the fight. (If you wish to see a funny cutscene, wear the Captain's Hat and run up to him.) He is much more difficult. First of all he has a breath that hurts you from a distance, and then he can separate his head and ambush you from behind. This attack cannot be blocked no matter what, you can only try to run away from it. If you wish, you can try using the Deku Mask to make the fight quite a bit easier. Once his corpse falls down, shine light at it to kill him just like before.

Once the fight is over, the king will teach you the Elegy of Emptiness:

Elegy of Emptiness
Right c Left c Right c Down c Right c Up c Left c

He will also tell you to head to Stone Tower next.

Stone Tower[edit]

The entrance to the Stone Tower can be found not far from the Spring Water Cave. Walk up the ramp to enter.

This place has lots of switches that need to be depressed all together to form a bridge to get higher up. With your Elegy of Emptiness, you can simply transform into different forms of Link to create multiple statues - Human Link, Goron Link, Zora Link. (Since the Deku cannot depress switches, his statue is pretty worthless.) On the way there will be boulders that try to knock you down, as well as Fire Keese. But watch out, if one touches you it will send you back to the beginning.

The path up is actually very linear and straightforward - play the Elegy of Emptiness at any switch you see, alternating between the three forms, and hookshot yourself up each level. This should get you up to the very top. Once there, activate the Owl Statue, then depress the last three switches to get into Stone Tower Temple.