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  • Any Sword


  • Blast Mask
  • Bigger Bomb Bag
  • Ability to purchase All-Night Mask.

What To Do[edit]

On Midnight of the 1st day, go into North Clock Town to witness Sakon the Burglar, the villain of various sidequests, steal a bag full of bombs from an old lady! Slash the bag off him and the lady will reward you with the Blast Mask. She'll also sell Bigger Bomb Bags in the Clock Town Shop, considering you have the original bomb bag first. Beware that trying to stop him with a bomb will have him exploding into nothing, and you will fail the event by lack of stolen goods.

If you fail this event, the Curiosity Shop will begin to sell Bigger Bomb Bags at an extremely high price.

If you succeed this event, the Curiosity Shop will sell the All-Night Mask for 500 Rupees (but you have to have a big enough wallet!). Just another reason to save the old lady! However, you will not be able to complete the event, Link the Matchmaker.

The Blast Mask will allow Link to explode! The explosion will harm Link, and should be used with caution. However, if you raise your shield, the blast will not hurt Link.