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Initial room[edit]

Your first room is large and appears to be vacant at first. You'll need to use the Deku Flowers to fly along the east side across to the other side of the room. If you drop down and fall on the floor, you'll be ambushed by Black Boes (which are no real threat though) and have to restart from the entrance. At the end, beware: the door is guarded by two Skulltulas hanging from the ceiling at the corners, and if you try to land there you'll be knocked down. Be sure to fly to the center to avoid them. Once you're there, go through the door to enter the heart of the temple.

To the first mini-boss[edit]

You'll now be in the main room. The swamp water at the bottom is inhabitated by Venus Traps, which will serve as a stepping stone if you're a Deku, but happily devour you if you're Human Link. Drop down, get to the east side (the only door which you can go through) and open the door. In the next room, a Deku Flower in the center will allow you to get across and open the next door. This room is inhabitated by Snappers, to kill them, burrow into a nearby Deku Flower and launch out as they pass over you. Once all of them are dead, a chest will appear with the Dungeon Map inside. Return to the previous room, and fly to the chest you see in the north to get a Small Key. Afterwards return to the main room.

This time, go across and open the locked door with the key you just collected. This room is sort of a puzzle. First of all push the block right in front of you forward (even the Deku can do this). Then, get to the other side of the block and push it back all the way towards the door you just came through. Now, go to the lit torch, transform to Human Link and use a Deku Stick (if you don't have any, return to the main room and kill the Deku Baba at the top for one, then come back here) to light it up. Go to the other side of the room and light the torch there to unlock the door right next to it. Go through and kill the two Dragonflies to get the Compass. Get back to the previous room, pull out another Deku Stick and run up the stairs to light another torch. From here, use your Deku Stick to jump across the platforms and burn down the spider web you see. Follow the stairs to the next floor up.

This room is chock full of Black Boes. Spin your way through as a Deku to get rid of them. Once you reach the torch, use another Deku Stick and light the three unlit torches at the sides to open the next door. In here, you'll need to fly across the platforms while avoiding (or killing) the Dragonflies on the way. The floor is full of holes that lead one floor down, and you'll not want to fall down there. Once you reach the end, go down the stairs.

You're now back in the main room, but on the top floor. Go to the switch in front of you and step on it (the Deku can't do this so take off the Deku Mask) to create a shortcut up here for later. Go through the door next to the switch, and on the other side, follow the path to your first mini-boss.

Mini-boss 1: Dinofol[edit]

The Dinofol can breathe fire, so do not wear the Deku Mask. It likes to jump around a lot to surprise you - hold out your shield and attack with your sword when the opportunity presents itself. Be sure to avoid the Dinofol's fire breath (or attack it if you feel brave). After a few slashes it should be dead.

Your reward for defeating the Dinofol is the Hero's Bow. You'll also get 30 arrows.

To the second mini-boss[edit]

Exit the mini-boss room. Right across you'll see an eye switch - pull out your new bow and shoot an arrow at the eye switch to activate it. This will make the Deku Flower in the center move up and down, allowing you to reach the door on the other side. In here, you'll find your second mini-boss...

Mini-boss 2: Gekko[edit]

The first part of this fight is easy, just slash the fool with your sword. After three hits, it will jump on a Snapper and attack you. Transform into a Deku and burrow into a Deku Flower, and jump out as the two pass you. The Gekko will fly away and try to get on his Snapper from the ceiling. Quickly put off the Deku Mask and pull out your bow - once the Gekko takes a short break, shoot an arrow at it. It'll get back to its snapper and the cycle will repeat from anew. After three hits, he will die.

Go to the other side and open the door to retrieve the Big Key.

To the boss[edit]

Get all the way back to the main room, and go to where the switch is. Pull out an arrow and aim it so it will fly through the lit torch right in front, catch fire, and light the torch in the center of the big flower thing. This will purify the water and make the flower activate and spin around. Jump on the flower and look around - there's one unlit torch in the corner. Pull out your bow, wait until you're aligned with the lit center torch, and shoot an arrow to light the torch in the corner. This will open a door at the top, go through it.

In this room, first of all use your bow to snipe the two Dragonflies. Jump down to the left and use the Deku Flowers until you're at the topmost alcove. Look across to notice a crystal switch, which will make the fire go out temporarily. Shoot it, then very quickly transform into a Deku and use the Deku Flowers to fly on top of the structure above the crystal switch. From here, fly across to the boss door and go through it to engage the boss.

BOSS: Odolwa[edit]

First of all, he too can use fire, so be Human Link throughout the fight. He jumps across the arena and tries to slash his huge sword at you - be sure to avoid or block it. His jumping around makes him suspectible to arrow shots - try shooting a few and if one connects, it'll stun him - quickly run across and try to get a few sword slashes at him. He can also summon various lesser enemies to cause some trouble. If you need to recharge, slash the bushes in the corner. (You can also try using the Bomb Flowers in there if you think they'll be useful.)

Once he's dead, you'll be able to collect a Heart Container. Afterwards, step into the blue warp to acquire Odolwa's Remains and warp out.

In the following cutscene you'll see the Giant whose spirit you just freed. He will teach you the Oath to Order:

Oath to Order

Right c Down c A button Down c Right c Up c

Stray Fairy locations[edit]

  1. Directly in front of the entrance.
  2. In the chest in the south-east corner of the entrance room.
  3. In the second room, after killing the lower Deku Baba.
  4. In the second room, after breaking the urns in the south-east corner.
  5. West of the second room, by killing the skulltula.
  6. West of the second room, under the wooden planks in the center. Fairy is located in a water bubble. You should raise the flower in the second room first, but it's possible to get the fairy without doing so (and survive).
  7. West of the second room, shooting the honeycomb with the bow in the middle of the room.
  8. Second floor, in the darkened room after killing all black poes.
  9. After returning from the second floor by a staircase to the second room, in a bubble.
  10. In the second room, by activing the switch in the north-west corner. Use the Deku flower to the north-east switch. Open the southern chest.
  11. East of the second room, shoot a honeycomb located in the north-west.
  12. In the room before the boss, in the lower southern alcove just east of the entrance.
  13. In the room before the boss, in the upper southern alcove just east of the entrance.
  14. In the room before the boss, in the western alcove.
  15. In the room before the boss, within a fire-shielded pillar. The shield is lowered when the crystal is struck, but only for a limited time.

When you have all 15 stray fairies, head to the south-east of the temple, where there is a raised tunnel. The Great Fairy of Power will improve your spin attack technique with a wider area of effect.


Oot heart piece.png
Oot heart piece.png
Swamp Heart
From the platform with the Owl Statue in front of Woodfall Temple, use the Deku Flowers to continue following the path. At the end, open the chest for a Piece of Heart.

Tatl will apologize for what she did you to you and your horse. Just as she suggests you to go to the mountains, a noise will come from behind. Slash the grass with your sword to discover the lost Deku Princess. As she finds out the King has accused the monkey of taking her away, she wants you to take her to the King. Pull out a bottle and capture her inside.

Exit Woodfall Temple, and get all the way to the King's Chamber in Deku Palace. Release her in front of the King when she asks you and watch the cutscene that ensues for a happy end.

Now that the poison has vanished from the swamp, you can do a sidequest. In front of the Deku Palace, follow the lilypads to the west. The Big Octorok that occupied this path is now gone, so go through to the Deku Shrine. In here you'll meet the Deku Butler, who'll challenge you to a race. You need to be very quick, so put on the Bunny Hood and get through as fast as you can while avoiding the obstacles such as rolling boulders and fire pillars. If you made it to the end, you'll get the Mask of Scents.

With the Mask of Scents, you can go to the Woods of Mystery and locate mushrooms. Catch one in your bottle and take it to the Magic Hag's Potion Shop and they'll start offering Blue Potions, which heal both life and magic.

Oot heart piece.png
Oot heart piece.png
Target Practice
Complete Koume's Target Practice for a Piece of Heart.

Go back to the Swamp Tourist Center. Now that the swamp is purified, Koume is willing to play a target practice game with you. She will fly around holding a target, while you're on the boat following her. You get infinite arrows to shoot the target as many times as you can - but if you hit the hag too often, you lose the game. Once you finish, you'll get a Piece of Heart.

Oot heart piece.png
Oot heart piece.png
Octorok Shooting
Get a perfect score in the Town Shooting Gallery to get a Piece of Heart.

Now that you have a bow, you can enter the two shooting galleries in the game. One is found in East Clock Town. Your job is to shoot all the Red Octoroks, while leaving out the blue ones. Getting a score of 40 or higher will net you the Large Quiver, allowing you to hold 40 arrows. Get a perfect score of 50 for a Piece of Heart.

Oot heart piece.png
Oot heart piece.png
Wildlife Hunting
Get a perfect score in the Swamp Shooting Gallery to get a Piece of Heart.

A second shooting gallery can be found right outside the swamp. From where Tingle is, follow the path that branches off all the way until you reach a building at the end. In here, you need to kill all the enemies you see in the scenery. This is very, very challenging and requires lots of training. Getting more than 2,000 points will net you another turn for free. Getting a perfect score (hitting every single enemy) gives you the Largest Quiver, which holds 50 arrows (but it's hard!)