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Bomb jumping[edit]

When a bomb explodes near you, you are knocked back slightly. When you are already in the air (for example, you are using the Goron Pound), you are given a slight vertical boost that can help you over some obstacles (such as the fence in Ikana Valley).

Infinite sword[edit]

In most places, you have to use a bomb from your inventory, but you can use any situation where you can interact with an object. When against the target, hold R button and repeatedly press B button. While in the stab animation, press A button. If successful, you should see the glean on your weapon as it's sheathed (when using the bomb.)

If you used a bomb to perform the glitch, quickly throw it forward, to avoid the blast. If the sword is sheathed, enter Z-targetting, do a back-flip and draw the weapon during the back-flip.

When your weapon contacts with any enemy, it will immediately damage it. In addition, Link will not automatically fall off ledges when walking towards them.

This glitch can be performed with any of the melee weapons. It ends as soon as you attack with the item button, sheathe the sword, or take damage.

Bomb hovering[edit]

With the infinite sword glitch active, make sure you have a Bombchu in one of your item slots. Within Z-Targetting. Perform a backflip, use the bombchu and quickly defend. You will now be standing in mid-air, and can repeat the procedure to bypass chasms or to climb up a large cliff.

Invisible Sword[edit]

There are a total of five mailboxes in Clock town. When you walk up to a mailbox, the mailbox will ask you to deposit a letter. You probably won't have a letter on you but if you try to give the mailbox the Great Fairy's Sword, it won't accept it. When the controls goes back to Link you will see Link looking like he is still holding the sword, but alas, it's invisible!

Note that doing this trick may crash the game. The Great Fairy's Sword will go back to normal if you put the sword away, leave, or enter any buildings.

Fierce Deity Link in Termina[edit]

In Sakon's hideout, have Link wear a non-transformation mask other than the Keaton mask, and make sure the Fierce Deity's mask is not bound to a C-button. When you gain control of Kafei, switch the mask into the C-button.

Note: This glitch does not work on all versions.

Invisible Fierce Deity Link's Sword[edit]

After using the Fierce Deity Link glitch, talk to a mailbox and try to deposit the Great Fairy's Sword. This causes Fierce Deity Link's sword to become invisible.

Getting into Sakon's Hideout[edit]

This takes a few tries, but it works! Warp to Ikana Canyon and go to where Sakon's hideout is. Look in the space between the canyon and the right side of the door. Now run and roll into the crack to see if you can get through that space. The bunny hat will make this a lot easier, but if you're using the bunny hat do not roll.

When you manage to get through to the other side you will find no one there. You will find the Suns's Mask (which you cannot get because it takes two people to complete the puzzle). If you want, you can put on the Goron mask and then when you step on the switch to open the door, you can roll in the door to get through (if you are not fast enough the door will crush you.) Even if you do make it in, you are still stuck inside. To get out, you must warp to an owl statue.