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In Majora's Mask, Heart Containers represent Link's health and life energy. The maximum number of Heart Containers that Link can have is twenty: he begins with three, and collects four more after completing each of the four dungeons in the game. The remaining thirteen are earned by collecting the 52 Heart Pieces hidden throughout the game. For each four Heart Pieces Link collects, another Heart Container will be added to his health bar.

The 52 Heart Pieces can be found in the following locations in the order of which you can acquire them in.

Clock Town[edit]

1. North Clock Town, Link: A piece of heart is found up in a tree. To get it, either climb up the blocks as Link or roll up the slide as a Goron.

2. North Clock Town, Link: Find the ring of bushes near the slide. Wear the Keaton's Mask and pick up or attack the center bush. Keaton will appear shortly. Answer five of his questions correctly to win another Heart Piece. (Note: This may also be performed in Milk Road or Spring Mountain Village.)

3. North Clock Town, Deku Link: A fence is by the entrance of the Great Fairy's Shrine, reachable by climbing the fence or by a Deku Flower. Enter as a Deku Scrub. There is a mini-game down there where each time you complete their game, you get a purple rupee and will ask you to come back the next day. If you complete each mini-game for three days, your prize will be a Piece of Heart.

4. South Clock Town, Deku Link: Give the Deku Business Scrub near the Clock Tower the Moon's Tear in exchange for the Land Title Deed. Use the launcher to access the Clock Tower platform and gain the piece. This is part of what you must do to get Pieces of Heart #18, #26, #32, #41, & #47

5. East Clock Town, Link: Get the Land Title Deed or any other piece of paper (e.g. a letter) and go to the Stock Pot Inn at midnight. Near the kitchen on the first floor is a bathroom. A hand should appear; give him a piece of paper and he will gladly give you another Piece of Heart

6. East Clock Town, Link: Go to the Shooting Gallery from 6 AM to 10 PM. Hit every Red Octorok and score a perfect 50 points to win a Heart Piece.

7. East Clock Town, Link: After getting the Bow and Bomb Bag, go to Honey & Darling's Shop. Win their games three days in a row to receive a Heart Piece.

  • On Day 1, you must blow up targets using Bombchus without running out of time or falling off the platform
  • On Day 2, you must now throw bombs at the baskets and blow them up. The bombs must land in the basket for it to count. You cannot fall off the platform.
  • On Day 3, you must use the bow and arrow to shoot all the targets on the walls with out falling off the platform

8. East Clock Town, Goron Link: A treasure chest game requires players to go through a hidden maze to reach their prize at the end before time runs out. It also gives out the same prize to the same form and that changing your form will also change your prize. The Piece of Heart can be won if you are playing as a Goron.

9. East Clock Town, Link: In the Stock Pot Inn, put on the All-Night Mask and talk to Anju's Mother on the first floor (next to the kitchen). Listen to her story about the Carnival and select the answer "On The Eve of the Carnival" to get a Heart Piece.

10. East Clock Town, Link: In the Stock Pot Inn, put on the All-Night Mask and talk to Anju's Mother on the first floor (next to the kitchen). Listen to the story about the Four Giants and select the answer "I dunno" to get another Heart Piece.

11. East Clock Town, Link: In the Mayor's Residence, wear the Couple's Mask in the presence of Mayor Dotour on Day 1 or Day 2 to resolve the argument. Then talk to Mayor Dotour to get a piece of heart.

12. West Clock Town, Link: Go to the Swordsman's School and pay 10 rupees to try his master training. Two logs will appear at the same time; use the jump attack to cut both before they disappear. You must jump strike at every log (score a perfect 30 points) to receive the Heart Piece.

13. West Clock Town, Link: Using Kamaro's Mask, dance in front of the Rosa sisters outside the Lottery Shop. They will reward you with a Heart Piece.

14. West Clock Town, Link: Deposit a total of 5,000 rupees at the bank to receive a Heart Piece.

15. West Clock Town, Link: Go to the Post Office on the evening of Day 1 or Day 2 (when your notebook shows an event). At a cost of 2 rupees per attempt, you must press the A button after exactly 10'00" seconds have elapsed. Wear the Bunny Hood to see the timer and easily complete the task for a Heart Piece.

16. Clock Town, Link: Wear the Postman's Hat and check any mailbox in Clock Town. You will receive a Heart Piece.

Termina Field[edit]

17. Termina Field, Any Transformed Form: In each of the four areas of Termina Field are grottos contains four Gossip Stones. In each grotto, one is larger than the others. Wearing the Mask of Truth to figure out what to do. You must play each forms song to turn the big Gossip Stone into a color. Then go around the other three grottos and play the same song. You will then get a heart piece. The grottos are located:

  • Under a rock between North and West Termina Field.
  • Near the edge of the grass between the Swamp and Milk Road.
  • Outside North Clock Town, near where the snow and grass converge.
  • Near the outside of the Astral Observatory (Canyon side).

The songs you must play are:

  • Sonata of Awakening if you're a Deku Scrub
  • Goron Lullaby if you're a Goron
  • New Wave Bossa Nova if you're a Zora

18. Eastern Field, Any Form: After giving the Deku in Clock Town the Moon Tear (see heart #4), go to the Astral Observatory again. With the telescope, look towards the North gate of Clock Town; you should see the Deku Business Scrub emerge from the town. Follow his path until he flies into a nearby grotto. Make your way to the grotto and he will offer to sell you a Heart Piece. Refuse his first offer of 150 rupees and he will lower the price to 100. Accept his final offer.

19. Southern Field, Link: Near the entrance to Milk Road is a circle of grass with a Deku Baba near the center. Hidden in the grass is a grotto containing a Peahat. When the Peahat shows the bottom off, fire arrows at it until it is defeated to get a Heart Piece.

20. Northern Field, Link: Enter the grotto under one of the large, mushroom-like boulders. Inside, defeat the two Dodongos to get a chest with a Heart Piece.

21. Western Field, Zora Link: Near the entrance to the Great Bay Coast is a boulder. Destroy it and enter the grotto. Destroy one of the beehives on the ceiling and a Heart Piece will fall into the water. From the surface, kill the Deku enemies before entering the water as Zora Link to claim the piece.

22. Northern swamp, Link or Deku Link: After entering the swamp, defeat all the bats that you can see that are flying around a tree, including the one blocking the top of the vines with an arrow or bubble shot. Then, climb the large tree to find a Heart Piece.

23. Link: Go to the Swamp Shooting Gallery. To win a Heart Piece, you must get a perfect score of 2120 points.

Southern Swamp[edit]

24. Link: Take a picture of either Tingle or the Deku King and enter it in the Pictograph competition, before completing Woodfall. Your prize will be a Heart Piece.

25. After Woodfall, Link: Go to the Tourist Hut and talk to Koume to play her boat archery game. Shoot at least 20 of the targets before the boat ride is over to gain a Heart Piece. If you shoot Koume 10 times you will have to start again.

26. Deku Link: First, complete all the steps as you would to get the Piece of Heart #4. Now give the Clock Town Land Title Deed to the Deku Business Scrub living at the Tourist Hut. He will give you the Swamp Title Deed. Use the Deku Flower to reach the roof of the hut to claim another Heart Piece. You will also need to do this step to get Pieces of Heart #32, #41, & #47.

Deku Palace[edit]

27. Deku Link: Enter the left side of the Deku Palace Courtyard and avoid the guards until you find a Heart Piece.


28. Deku Link: From the platform where you play the Sonata of Awakening, use the Deku Flower to fly to nearby platforms until you find a gold treasure chest containing a Heart Piece.

Mountain Village[edit]

29. After Snowhead, Zora Link: Go to the place leading to the Mountain Village that had frozen water. Use the Zora Mask to sink to the bottom of the water to reach the chest containing a Heart Piece.

30. After Snowhead, Link: After getting Don Gero's Mask, you must find five frogs and tell them to meet in the Mountain Village. The frogs are located:

  • In Clock Town by the Laundry Pool in South Clock Town.
  • In Woodfall Temple, after beating the Gekko miniboss.
  • In the Southern Swamp, on a log near the entrance to the Deku Palace swamp area.
  • In Great Bay Temple, after beating the Gekko miniboss.
  • Waiting by the stream near the Mountain Village, near where you return from Snowhead.

After finding all five and reassembling the choir, they will sing for you and give you a Heart Piece as a reward.

31. Link: With the Lens of Truth, Hookshot, and Scarecrow's Song, go to the area immediately before Snowhead & Snowhead Temple. Near the last jump, use the Lens of Truth to reveal hidden platforms. Jump across them and use the Scarecrow's Song to reach a far Heart Piece.

32. Deku Link: First, complete all the steps as you would to get Pieces of Heart #4 & #26. Talk to the Deku Business Scrub near Goron Village. Trade him the Swamp Title Deed for the Mountain Title Deed and use his Deku Flower to reach the Heart Piece on the ledge above. You will also need to complete this step to get Pieces of Heart #41 & #47.

Great Bay[edit]

33. Zora Link: Find the waterfall near the Beaver Dam and the jar mini-game. Sink to the bottom of the pool below it and defeat the Like-Like to make it move out of you way to get a Heart Piece.

34. Zora Link: Use the Hookshot to ascend the cliff and reach the top of the waterfall. Enter this area as Zora Link and race the beaver through 20 rings. Race his brother through 25 rings to receive a Bottle. Race them both again to get the Heart Piece.

35. Seaside Spider House, Link: Use the Captain's Hat to talk to all of the Skulchildren in the house. They will tell you the order in which to shoot the four colored masks in the room with the fireplace. Follow their instructions to open the fireplace grate and claim a Heart Piece.

36. Pinnacle Rock, Zora Link: Kill all of the sea snakes and rescue the trapped seahorse to get a Heart Piece.

37. Marine Research Lab, Link: Catch 4 small fish and feed them to the two fish in the tank in the lab. One fish will increase in size until it eats the other. It will then spit out a Heart Piece.

38. After Great Bay Temple, Link: Ride the boat docked near the Pirate's Fortress toward an island, and use the Hookshot to reach the island. Win the fisherman's jumping game to get a Heart Piece.

39. Link: First, buy a magic bean, have a bottle of water (or learn Song of Storms), and have learned the Scarecrow's Song. On the shore near the Pirate's Fortress is a Hookshot target. Ascend the cliff until you find a soft soil patch. Plant a Magic Bean and water it. Ride the plant and play the Scarecrow's Song. Hookshot to the Heart Piece.

40. Zora Hall, Link: As a Zora, enter Tijo's room (the one who plays the drums) and take off the Zora mask. Fire your hookshot at the tree and you will find a diary stuck on a particular page. It will give you two sets of notes to play on your guitar. Now head out and become a Zora again to gain access to Japas's room. Play the two sets of notes to Japas and you will begin a jam session with him. You must now remember all sixteen notes and heed Japas's warning; the bandmember would like that song, but doesn't like his bandmates to come up with anything. Enter Evan's room and play all 16 to Evan on something else other than Zora form. He will create a new song and will give you a Piece of Heart as a reward.

41. Zora Hall, Goron Link: First, complete all the steps as you would to get Pieces of Heart #4, #26, & #32. Go into Zora Hall, transform into a Zora, and enter Lulu's room. Remove the Zora Mask and replace it with the Goron Mask. Trade the Mountain Title Deed for the Ocean Title Deed. Now, transform into a Deku Scrub and grab the Piece of Heart laying on the shelf.

Pirates' Fortress[edit]

42. Link: Inside one of the rooms in Pirates' Fortress, there is a locked room with a Piece of Heart inside. Break all of the barrels and find the hidden switch. The door opens and shuts quick so you might want to use the Bunny Hood to make things easier.

Romani Ranch[edit]

43. Doggy Racetrack, Link: The doggy racetrack is open when the ranch is open. You must win a total of 150 in winnings. Pick a dog and place how much rupees on that dog. If it gets in first, you get triple of what you bet. Getting in second will double you bettings and getting your doggy in third, fourth, or fifth, you get back your bet. To make it easier, wear the Mask of Truth to read their thoughts when you pick them up. The more excited the dog, the better your chances.

Ikana Canyon[edit]

44. Ikana Graveyard, Link: You need to have the Captain's Hat that you get from the graveyard to get this next piece. The Stalchildren dance around different graves different nights. On the night of Day 2, wear the Captain's Hat, and tell the Stalchildren to open the grave. Use the Lens of Truth to see the hidden pathway and then bomb a fake wall at the end of the cavern. Inside you must defeat a tough Iron Knuckle. Once you do, a chest with the piece appears.

45. Link: The Spirit House sits very close to the Music Box house. Inside, pay the Poe Collector 30 rupees to take up on a challenge. Here, you must beat the four Poe sisters from Ocarina of Time's Forest Temple in under three minutes. Your health cannot go under three hearts, and attacking with arrows is your safest bet. An alternate approach for the first three Sisters is to block their attacks with the shield twice, which causes them to become corporeal next to Link, and then they can be slashed with his sword. To defeat the final Poe sister, attack the one that twirls when it appears. Your prize for living throughout the round is another Piece.

46. Ikana Shrine, Zora Link: You must have completed Stone Tower Temple, have the Light arrows in hand, and have enough hearts in your health bar. Warp to the owl statue in Ikana Canyon, don the Zora Mask, and then jump into the river. Swim upward until you eventually reach an entrance to a cavern. Unlock the door by shooting a Light arrow at the sun and then proceed. Now you must enter four more rooms and defeat four more bosses. They were mini-bosses from the four temples you have completed.

  • Three Lizalfos (from Woodfall Temple)
  • A Wizzrobe (from Snowhead Temple)
  • Wart (from Great Bay Temple)
  • The Garo Master (from Stone Tower Temple)

Once you defeated all four mini-bosses, not only will you get 100 rupees for each mini-boss you defeat but you will get a well earned Piece of Heart at the end.

47. Zora Link: You must complete all of the steps that gives you Pieces of Heart #4, #26, #32, & #41, all in one three-day cycle. Go up to the final Deku Scrub person that is located near Sakon's Hideout and transform into Mikau. Instead of more trades, he will buy your Ocean Title Deed for 200 rupees! You will also be able to fly to a part of a canyon sticking out that holds a Piece of Heart and a gossip stone. This is your reward for all your hard work!

Ancient Castle of Ikana[edit]

48. Deku Scrub: Make your way all the way up onto the roof of the castle. Look for a Deku Flower you can hop into and a crystal switch. Shoot it with an arrow, transform into Deku form, and fly to the two Deku Flower's that were previously on fire. Hurry before the flames come back on! Hop into the second one and finally onto the final column. On top of it stands you and a Piece of Heart.

Inside the Moon[edit]

49. Dark Woodfall Dungeon, Deku Link: Enter the first dungeon by giving one of the kids running around the tree one non-transformation mask. Next, turn into a Deku Scrub and complete the Deku Puzzle. On the last rotating platform, land on the yellow Deku Flower instead of the normal pink one. Now you just need to fly to another cliff that holds another yellow Deku Flower...with another piece.

50. Dark Snowhead Dungeon, Goron Link: Enter the second dungeon by giving one of the kids running around the tree two non-transformation masks. Here, turn into a Goron and complete the Goron Puzzle. It's a race track you must keep yourself on! Don't touch the control stick if you bounce off an open tresure chest. If you can sucessfully manage to get all the way to the end of the racetrack, you'll find a Piece of Heart waiting for you.

51. Dark Great Bay Dungeon, Zora Link: Enter the third dungeon by giving one of the kids running around the tree three non-transformation masks. Now, turn into a Zora and complete the Zora Puzzle. It is a maze of water pipes you must go through. Only one path will take you to the Piece of Heart. Take the path left, left, right, left. If done correctly, you will end up in a room with another Gossip Stone and a piece trying to hide from you behind it!

52. Dark Stone Tower Dungeon, Link: There are three enemies you must defeat to get here. They are...

  • Dinofols
  • Garo Master
  • Iron Knuckle

You must also find ways to reach each of those rooms. The final room holds nothing but Link, a gossip stone, and the final Piece of Heart!