Age of Empires/Discoveries

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Timeline 6500 B.C.
Starting Resources
  • 15 Wood
  • 90 Food
Starting Units
  • 1 Villager
  • 1 Town Center
New Units None
New Enemy Units
  • Scout
  • Find the 5 Discoveries
Hunter / gatherers in the Nile Delta and along the river have begun encountering other cultures located to the south up the Nile, to the west along the Mediterranean Coast, and to the northeast into the Sinai and beyond. Parties of explorers are searching the borderlands. You have been sent into a region to the west toward people called the Libyans. According to legend, there are several sacred sites in the area near your campsite. The sacred sites are known as Discoveries and can be recognized by the figure of a white horse etched into the ground.

Create another villager and send the one you have south toward several berry bushes. When he brings back a haul of berries, build another villager and have him pick berries as well. With your third villager, explore to the left. There is a Discovery here guarded by a lion. If you lose the villager in the process of finding it, just build another one to explore. Send a villager to the top corner of the map to find another (unguarded) Discovery. Send the villager back to the town and roam south to find another Discovery just below the berry bushes. Follow the nearby river to the right, avoiding lions and alligators, and find the fourth discovery in the right corner of the map. At this point, highlight all your villagers and have them travel to the only part you haven't explored yet- the center. There is an enemy scout here, buy your villagers should be able to take care of him. Even if you don't, all you have to do is walk over the Discovery right next to the enemy Town Center.