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UNSC Vehicles[edit]


  • Name: Warthog M12 LRV
  • Description: The warthog is the light recon vehicle of the UNSC. It can hold up to 3 people: a driver passenger and turret man. It has a .50 Caliber M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun that has a firing rate of around 900 Rounds a minute and has a very high accuracy. When at max capacity, the Warthog is a force to be reckoned with in Multiplayer. Just make sure not a single one of your team mates get off (Unless he is the Flag Capturer in CTF, etc.) or dies. If they do, the 'force' of the Warthog will diminish greatly.


  • Name: Mongoose M274 ULATV
  • Description: The Mongoose is a four-wheeled, all-terrain vehicle and can drive over almost any terrain. Has no form of armament in any way so needs a person with (recommended) heavy weaponry as passenger. Although lighter than the Warthog, it is only slightly faster and has less traction,, which results in tumbling. Recommended in getting the player with the flag, oddball or bomb to their respective goals.


  • Name: M808B Scorpion MBT
  • Description: The Scorpion is one of the most powerful vehicles in the game, boasting a 90mm High Velocity Gun, 7.62mm AP-T turret and 4 jumpseats to accommodate marines. It's cannon is also very accurate, being able to destroy airborne targets in one shot. But however, has a blind spot right behind the tank due to the Tank's cannon is right at the back of the tank. The acceleration of the tank is also horrible, needing 3 second for it to reach full speed.


The pelican is an extremely versatile aircraft that can be used for transporting players at a fast speed or for scouting out land or air vehicles.

Covenant Vehicles[edit]


  • Name: Type-32 RAV
  • Description: Armed with twin rapid fire plasma cannons, this is a typical Covenant ground assault and recon vehicle. If the Mongoose and twin Machine Guns, the Ghost is the Covenant counterpart, and more. Like all Covenant Vehicles, the Ghost has a boost feature, combined with the Ghost's large wingspan, is the key vehicle to getting a Splatter Spree and Killing Spree.


  • Name: Type-26 GSA Banshee
  • Description: Banshees are the Covenant standard air support vehicle. Capable of flying fast, extremely maneuverable and fires with strong twin plasma cannons. The banshee can also fire a fuel rod cannon but not too reliable as it is gravity affected. Not as powerful as a Hornet, but has the ability do dodge fire by belly rolls and such. Like other Covenent vehicles, the Banshee has a boost button.


  • Description: The Wraith is essentially a counterpart to the Scorpion except it fires large balls of plasma instead of shells. It also has a boost and is much faster. The balls of plasma have a large blast radius, and will blow up a every vehicle except the Scorpion in one shot.