Mighty Bomb Jack/Stage 3

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The third stage is quite a bit like the first stage, but it's a tad more complex. There are some hidden objects, including a Sphinx, and the enemies are going to be a lot more active now. If you've been saving up all of your Mighty Coins, then you'll be forced to start using them now. That's not necessarily a bad thing, since reaching power level three can turn the enemies into coins for a short while. Even if you don't collect them, at least they're out of your hair for a little while.

MBJ map stage3.png
Point A Point B
MBJ map3 pointA.png
The sphinx is hidden, not inside the palm tree, but rather just beneath it. However, you'll need to jump on the branch in the spot just above where it appears in order to find the invisible treasure chest below it. In the American version, you only need to jump once to make the space disappear, but in the Japanese version, you need to jump five times. Also note that the spot above the treasure chest can be removed in case you can't reach the second level of power and smash your way through the treasure on top of the tree.
MBJ map3 pointB.png
Collecting the Sphinx opens the door along the floor to the right. Pop in and you will find what is known as a slave room—a room where you will find, among other things, one of your trapped brothers. If you can find the means to rescue your trapped brother, you will earn an extra life. The pattern displayed here is for the Japanese version. In the American version, the holes are switched; that is, the top section breaks in the middle, and the lower section breaks at the ends. Jump on the correct blocks to gain access to the space below.