Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar/Moongates

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The Moongates work like a public transport: at every location there is a departure time (Moon Phase) and three subsequent destinations. A Moongate appears according to the lefthand moon phase, blinks twice when the righthand moon phase changes and then disappears; whenever it blinks the destination changes.

Travel timetable[edit]

Departure city Moongate location Moon phase Arrivals Destinations
Moonglow West of Moonglow,
lat. I'F", long. O'A"
1. New moon Jhelom-3;
(1. Black Stone);
2. Britain;
3. Jhelom
Britain East of Britain,
lat. G'G", long. G'A"
2. Crescent waxing Moonglow-2;
1. Yew;
2. Minoc;
3. Trinsic
Jhelom Same island as Jhelom,
lat. O'A", long. C'G"
3. First quarter Moonglow-3;
Skara Brae-1
1. Skara Brae;
2. Magincia;
3. Moonglow
Yew North-West of Yew,
lat. C'F", long. D'C"
4. Gibbous waxing Britain-1;
Skara Brae-2
1. Britain;
2. Jhelom;
(3. Yew)
Minoc North-East of Minoc,
lat. B'D", long. K'G"
5. Full moon Britain-2;
Skara Brae-3
(1. Shrine of Spirituality);
2. Trinsic;
3. Skara Brae
Trinsic South of Trinsic,
lat. M'C", long. G'I"
6. Gibbous waning Britain-3;
Magincia ruins-1
1. Magincia;
2. Moonglow;
3. Britain
Skara Brae Same island as Skara Brae,
lat. H'O", long. B'H"
7. Last quarter Jhelom-1;
Magincia ruins-2
1. Jhelom;
2. Yew;
3. Minoc
Magincia ruins Same island as Magincia,
lat. K'H", long. L'L"
8. Crescent waning Jhelom-2;
1. Trinsic;
2. Skara Brae;
(3. Magincia)


A diagram of moongates


Note that in Ultima the lefthand moon is referred to as "western" and the righthand one as "eastern".

In the Northern hemisphere (Europe, Asia, North America) the opposite is true: the Moon is to the South at its apex, it rises from the East on your left and sets into the West on your right.

This may mean either one of the following:

  1. The fictional land of Ultima is in the Southern hemisphere of its world;
  2. No one of the authors ever bothered to look at the sky.