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Map of the Ostrava base

This is a commando mission. You get one powerful infantry unit (plus a transport helicopter). That's it! Obviously, you will be using covert tactics here.

The commando arrives in the south-east corner of the map, with one enemy in range. Attack the enemy, cross the bridge, and snipe the two enemies on the other side of the bridge. Three other solders are hiding behind trees. Destroy the SAM sites, and you will get a transport chopper to lift you across the river.

On the other side, move the commando to reveal the junciton and wait for the buggy to pass by. You can proceed either north or east.

If choosing the north path, take a left at the second junction, and follow the ground until you reach the base's entrance, with one rifle infantry patrolling back and forth. You can slip past him, but sniping him will cause three flame troopers to see what happened. Once inside the base, save the game (in case you want to destroy another building), and destroy the one that causes the most problems.

If choosing the east path, you will have to move past the base without engaging the turrets. Once you reach the side of the base, two light tanks will become interested and attack the commando. Turning north brings you to the alternate base entrance.

Notable comments:

  1. Each time you blow up an enemy building, some riflemen may spawn and attack your commando. This is purely random, so consider saving the game before each explosion. It doesn't really matter, because if you handle him right, he won't take any other damage.
  2. Unless playing the demo, the objectives do not state which building you should blow up to win. The first Power Plant you see is the obvious candidate, and it works, but you can experiment with penetrating further into the Nod base, although that is very unsafe.
  3. The intended target is actually the Airstrip, found in the far north-east corner of the base. If you destroy the Airstrip, you will skip mission 7 entirely.
  4. Destroying a building other than the airstrip will cause the next mission to start with that building destroyed. If you want to play the next mission, take out the refinery to choke the AI's resources.
  5. If you kill too many units (20), all units in the base will hunt down your commando. If you haven't destroyed a building, you should do so now.