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Obelisk of Light[edit]

  • Cost 1500
  • Weapon A monster Laser for ground foes

A powerful guard tower but has less armour.


Clear a path for your ground vehicles with your Orca VTOL Aircraft.

SAM Site[edit]

Anti air defense structure.


This thing hates tanks and infantry but loves to blow aircraft out of the sky so don't bother using Orcas against them.


  • Cost 600
  • Weapon 150 Cannon

This cannon is good against tanks.


It hates the Orca VTOL Aircraft and infantry.

Power Plant[edit]

  • Cost 300

Provides power

Advanced Power Plant[edit]

  • Cost 700

Provides extra power.


  • Cost 2000 What to expect? its a place where tanks are supplied here.

Vehicles are dropped off here.

Hand of Nod[edit]

Builds Nod infantry similar to GDI's barracks.

Temple of Nod[edit]

  • Cost 3000

This temple is an HQ that also send nukes at its enemies. The nuke can only be used once unlike the ion cannon.