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PlayStation Windows Action
Neutral dpad  ↑   ↓  Move the lead character and the pointer in the menus.
Circle button Enter Confirm choice in menus. Attempt to use/activate the item in front of the character (open chests, climb ladders, etc), or talk to an NPC.
Triangle button + Opens the menu.
Cross button 0 or Ins Back one level in menus, or close the menu in question. Outside of the menus, hold down to make the character run (not available in Overworld).
Square button . or Delete Toggle between Equip and Materia screens. In combat, makes the command menu disappear temporarily so you can check your barrier gauges.
Start button 5 In world map, changes map display. Pauses during battle.
Select button - Outside of combat, shows a hand pointer above lead character's head, and shows exit markers. In combat, toggles target name window.
L1 button
R1 button
9 or PgUp
3 or PgDn
Move the pointer up or down one page in the menus, or rotate view in world map. Hold down both to escape from battles.
L2 button 7 or Home Changes camera angle on the Overworld map.
R2 button 1 or End Changes camera angle on the Overworld map. In combat, shows targeting aid.