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Purple Materia acts independently and is generally very specialized in its use. All effects increase as materia matures.

There are seventeen different types of Purple Materia in the video game.

Materia list[edit]

Attribute boosting materia[edit]

They only affect the equipped character (except for Gil Plus).

  • EXP. Plus: Gains extra EXP after winning a battle. Also adds Luck +01.
  • Gil Plus: Earns extra Gil after battles. Also adds Luck +01.
  • HP Plus: Increases maximum HP.
  • Luck Plus: Increases Luck.
  • Magic Plus: Increases Magic.
  • MP Plus: Increases maximum MP.
  • Speed Plus: Increases Dexterity.
  • HP <-> MP: Switches HP and MP.

Field materia[edit]

  • Chocobo Lure: Attracts chocobos to battle while in their habitat. Also adds Luck +01.
  • Enemy Away: Decreases chance of random enemy encounters. Also adds Luck +01.
  • Enemy Lure: Increases chance of random enemy encounters. Also adds Luck -01.

Battle materia[edit]

Unless stated otherwise, they affect the equipped character only.

  • Counter Attack: Counter attacks with physical strike when character is attacked.
  • Cover: Equipped character will take damage on behalf of ally when they are attacked. Also adds Vitality +01.
  • Long Range: Allows the strength of a front row attack from the back row. Can also hit flying enemies that are otherwise out of reach. (Note that most of Barret's, Yuffie's and Vincent's weapons are inherently long range so it is pointless to equip this on them.)
  • Mega All: Changes Attack to Slash-All and allows abilities that would only allow a single target to effect entire parties.
  • Pre-emptive: Increases the whole party's chance of side-attacks and surprise-attacks. Also adds Dexterity +02.
  • Underwater: Allows the whole party to breathe underwater, eliminating the twenty minute time limit for the battle with Emerald Weapon.

Materia locations[edit]

It may be useful to know how early any materia can be obtained.

Materia Levels Max AP Location
Cover 5 40000 Disc 1, part 1: Aeris' place
Chocobo lure 4 30000 Disc 1, part 2: Chocobo farm
Long range 2 30000 Disc 1, part 2: Mithril mine
MP plus 5 50000 Disc 1, part 2: Cosmo Canyon
HP plus 5 50000 Disc 1, part 2: Cosmo Canyon
Counter attack 5 100000 Disc 1, part 2: Nibelheim
Magic plus 5 50000 Disc 1, part 3: Temple of the Ancients
Luck plus 5 100000 Disc 1, part 3: Forgotten capital
Enemy lure 3 20000 Disc 2: Gold Saucer
Enemy away 3 20000 Disc 2: Gold Saucer
Pre-emptive 5 80000 Disc 2: Gold Saucer
Speed plus 5 100000 Disc 2: Gold Saucer
Gil plus 3 150000 Disc 2: Gold Saucer
Exp. plus 3 150000 Disc 2: Gold Saucer
HP<->MP 2 80000 Disc 2: Corel cave
Underwater 1 0 Disc 2: Kalm traveler
Mega all 5 100000 Disc 3: Northern cave
TOTAL - 1150000 -