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This page shows all of Kirby's abilities. They are in alphabetical order starting with single abilities and then showing power combos. Remember that the order you got the power in doesn't matter, so fire+stone is the same thing as stone+fire.

Kirby 64's main gameplay mechanic is the ability to mix any two copy abilities into a different, mixed ability. This can be done by swallowing two enemies at once or by inhaling one and spitting it at another. Upon impact they will combine into a coloured star representing the copy ability. There are various points in the game where a certain combination is needed to enter a side area.

Note: Every possible combination can be created in the first two levels of the game.

Single Abilities[edit]

Ability Description Use
Bomb As the name implies, you throw bombs. Hold and release B button at different times to control the angle of the bomb. The explosion is powerful enough to damage bosses and minibosses quite well. Its ability color is black.
Cutter When using Cutter, Kirby throws a part of his face as a boomerang. Until it returns to him, he cannot fly or swim. Its ability color is green.
Burn Burn causes Kirby to burst into flames and fly forward a fixed, short distance while damaging anything in his way. Its ability color is red.
Ice Ice causes Kirby to spin in a circle and blow cold air in the direction he is facing. Any enemies caught by it will be frozen into an icecube, which can then be pushed into another enemy to destroy them both. Its ability color is blue.
Needle Needle causes Kirby to create spikes on his entire body for a second, damaging any enemies that come in contact. Its ability color is orange.
Spark When using Spark, Kirby will emit a small field of electricity. He can still walk while doing this, although he is slower and cannot jump. While moving, the barrier becomes smaller. Its ability color is yellow.
Stone Stone turns Kirby into a walking, invincible stone. Standard enemies cannot hit him while the power is active, but he also cannot jump, swim, or walk up slopes. Its ability color is brown.

Power Combos[edit]

These are all of the possible ability combinations.

Burn Needle Spark Cutter Ice Stone Bomb
Burn Fire Bird Fire Arrow Static Electricity Fire Sword Melting Ice Cube Volcano Fireworks
Needle Fire Arrow Spiky Objects Lightning Rod Snare Snowflake Drill Exploding Gordo
Spark Static Electricity Lightning Rod Area Spark Light Saber Refrigerator Electrified Boulder Light Bulb
Cutter Fire Sword Snare Light Saber Super Cutter Ice Skates Stone Friends Exploding Shuriken
Ice Melting Ice Cube Snowflake Refrigerator Ice Skates Giant Snowball Curling Stone Exploding Snowman
Stone Volcano Drill Electrified Boulder Stone Friends Curling Stone Ultra Stone Dynamite
Bomb Fireworks Exploding Gordo Light Bulb Exploding Shuriken Exploding Snowman Dynamite Missiles

Double Abilities[edit]

These abilities are 2 of the same single ability.

Double Ability Ability Name Description Image
Bomb+Bomb Missiles Kirby can fire up to three heat-seeking missiles from his mouth. You shoot one to three, depending on when you release B button, and they have limited homing capabilities.
Cutter+Cutter Super Cutter Kirby does the same as he did with the normal Cutter ability. However, the boomerang is much larger with spikes on the edges. The same flying and swimming limitations apply.
Burn+Burn Fire Bird Essentially a powered-up version of the original Burn ability. Kirby's flame becomes much larger and he flies quite a bit further, too. Be careful using this near pits.
Ice+Ice Giant Snowball Kirby rolls into a snowball and continues to build up snow as you continue on. Any enemies he contacts will be rolled into the snow and destroyed when the snowball runs into something. You can also press B button to end the snowball prematurely.
Needle+Needle Spiky Objects Similar to the original Needle ability, except each of the spikes has been replaced by a sharp object. It is also much larger.
Spark+Spark Area Spark When holding B button, Kirby's electricity field expands to cover a large area. Anything that enters will be immediately struck by lightning. This does not apply to projectiles however. You can also move when using this move, but if you do, the field will shrink until it becomes the size of a normal Spark attack. If you stop moving, it will grow back to its original size.
Stone+Stone Ultra Stone Kirby simply becomes a larger version of the normal Stone form.

Mixed Copy Abilities[edit]

Ability 1 Ability 2 Description Use
Bomb Cutter Kirby will throw a shuriken in a straight line with blinding speed. It will then blow up. Any enemy hit will immediately stop moving before taking damage. While throwing the shurikens, Kirby can float in the air temporarily.
Bomb Burn You turn into a living firecracker, destroying enemies with your explosion. Pressing B button up to three times in succession will cause your explosion to get bigger and launch you higher.
Bomb Ice You stick a bomb and hat on your head, then cover yourself in ice, becoming a snowman. You walk around and can jump, but not float, until either time runs out, or you run into an enemy. Then you explode destroying the enemy you hit, and freezing any others near you into ice cubes.
Bomb Needle You turn into a creature sort of like a Gordo, and float around until the time runs out or you release B button, after which you spray your needles in all directions.
Bomb Spark You turn into a lightbulb, illuminating dark places and frying any enemy you touch. After a certain amount of time passes, you explode, destroying anything near you. The transformation is similar to the Exploding Snowman.
Bomb Stone Kirby plants a stick of dynamite, which explodes after a few seconds or if it touches an enemy. It will hit everything on screen. That includes Kirby. If you hit Down control+B button, Kirby will pull out a hard hat, protecting himself from the blast. He must be on the ground to do this.
Cutter Burn You regurgitate a flaming sword. You can press B button to swing the sword, or Up control to raise the sword up in the air. If you press B button while you're doing this, you will throw the sword whichever way you are facing. If you press B button after that, you will regurgitate another sword from your mouth.
Cutter Ice You don a pair of ice skates, skating across the ground. Press A button to jump and spin in the air, killing enemies, and press B button to quit skating.
Cutter Needle Your stubby pink arms grow into massive claws topped with spikes. Hold B button to extend your arms and release it to bring them both up.
Cutter Spark You wield a double-ended beam sword. Press B button to swing it around, and press Down control to put the sword away.
Cutter Stone You randomly turn into one of a variety of different statues with different abilities. Nago the cat can jump three times. ChuChu can jump, but can't walk. Rick the hamster can jump, and, if you keep holding the control stick in the direction of a wall as you're facing it, you can keep jumping up it and climb it indefinitely. Coo the owl can slowly fly for a short period of time. Pitch the bird can fly faster than the owl, but has tendency to roll when it lands. Neither the bird nor owl can walk. Kine the fish can change direction. It can't even move or jump, not even in water.
Burn Ice You cover yourself in an ice cube, then shoot fire in both directions, which circles around, burning enemies and melting the ice cube.
Burn Needle You turn into a bow with a single flaming arrow. The longer you hold B button, the higher your angle will be. Release B button to fire the arrow
Burn Spark You rub your head with a sheet of metal until it catches on fire, then charge uncontrollably for a period of time. During this time, you can change direction and jump, but you can't stop moving or float. You must hold B button until your head catches on fire for this power to work. Also, while you are rubbing your head with the sheet of metal, the sparks that fly out will deal damage to enemies.
Burn Stone You turn into a small volcano, spewing lava rocks upward for as long as you hold B button. You can hold Left control or Right control to shoot rock in the respective directions.
Ice Needle You turn into a slowly expanding snowflake. Any enemy that touches the snowflake freezes into an ice cube.
Ice Spark You turn into a living refrigerator for as long as you hold B button. You can shoot food, which will destroy any enemy it strikes, but will restore one health when you grab it yourself.
Ice Stone You turn into something resembling a curling puck, sliding along the ground until you stop or press B button again. Any enemy you run into will turn into an ice cube.
Needle Spark You turn into a lightning rod, electrocuting any enemy standing above you. The electricity will also cause a shock wave to happen at your feet, damaging nearby enemies.
Needle Stone Your right arm turns into a large drill for as long as you hold B button. Releasing B button causes the drill to carry on without you.
Spark Stone You will regurgitate a stone that is attached to your body via electricity. The stone will swing around like a yo-yo, destroying anything in its way.

The Secret Ability[edit]

There is another ability that is only available if you collect all the Crystal Shards. Once you accomplish this, you will unlock a new level called Dark Star. It has one level, and after a short sidescrolling sequence, you'll be catapulted into the final battle with the source of the shadows. You'll automatically gain this power at the beginning of the battle, and can't get rid of it. The fairy you've been traveling with, Ribbon, carries you and flies around, while you wield a crystal gun which shoots shards whenever you press B button.