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This stage is more set in the mountains, and has six sections.

The first outdoor section is simple. The only obstacle would be the pillars found after the Hack, which topple as you approach (starting when you're one gap-worth of distance away). You will need to stop before each pillar. The section finished with a series of arches, with Rockies dropping from above (but never catching you if Kirby walks forward.)

Crystal Shard
Found in second section in the ruins. As you proceed down on the right, you will see a half-height pillar, which you can jump over. The floor below can collapse, letting you reach the shard that's at ground level.
Crystal Shard 1

In the second section, you will have to climb some ruins. However, you will notice some Mumbies that approach. These enemies remain still if Kirby face towards them, but are immune to inhalation and require an ability to destroy. You can attempt to float over the ruins (where there is a 1-up), or enter the top-most floor which will collapse allowing you to move downward.

Crystal Shard
Found in the third section. Found below the lower stairs, and may be reached by dropping down the middle. You will need to quickly inflate and return to the staircase to avoid losing a life.
Crystal Shard 2

The third section is inside a building, and is a simply up and down steps to the other side. There are also branching steps to the top-left for a 1-up, and top right for a maximum tomato.

In the fourth section, the gray square platforms are crushers. Continue running to the right when on them. The last crusher (found in the water) requires you to time your jump.

The fifth section is a quick run on the castle wall.

Crystal Shard
In the maze where you ride King DeDeDe. Climb the first rope, and jump off the left. Open the wall, and follow the path until you reach the shard.
Crystal Shard 3

The final section has Kirby ride on King DeDeDe's back. King DeDeDe won't be able to double jump, but he can use his mallet to break open walls. This is a small platform and rope maze, with a few places of interest. From the start, you can climb up the first rope to the top, and head to the left - this eventually leads to the crystal shard. If you exit the first rope and continue to the right and smash the wall, this leads to a maximum tomato. To reach the exit, climb the second rope to the top, smash the left wall, climb the next rope to the top and open the wall to the right. Other passages are available in the maze, leading to food or stars.


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