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This is the first game in the Mount&Blade series. For other games in the series see the Mount&Blade category.

Box artwork for Mount&Blade.
Box artwork for Mount&Blade.
Publisher(s)Paradox Interactive
Year released2008
Followed byMount&Blade: Warband
ModesSingle player
Latest version1.011 Enhanced
Rating(s)PEGI Ages 12+ESRB TeenUSK Ages 12+
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Mount&Blade is an RPG from TaleWorlds. It is a strictly historical game (no monsters or magic, not even healing potions) set in the fictional world of Calradia. Its innovative design has already attracted a thriving mod community.

Mount&Blade's success led to the development of Mount&Blade: Warband, an expanded version which adds new features including 64-player multiplayer, and Mount&Blade: With Fire and Sword, a standalone game by Snowball Studios based on history of Eastern Europe in the middle of the 17th century with three plots, partially based on the famous Polish novel With Fire and Sword.

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