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These quests are acquired in non-standard ways, or are unusual in their composition.

Lend Your Surgeon[edit]

When confronted by an enemy vassal there is a very small chance that, rather than attacking, he will ask to borrow your companion with the highest Surgery skill in order to operate on one of his men.

Help ______ Claim the Throne[edit]

For more details on this topic, see Mount&Blade/Rebelling.

On your travels you may come across a person who claims to be the true ruler of a particular faction (you can ask a Traveller for their locations). After hearing the claimant's story you can agree to help reclaim the throne (if you are currently a member of a faction you will have to ask to be released from your oath before you can swear an oath to the claimant). After you have met the claimant you can mention the claimant's name to the current king for more details. This is a very long and complex quest if you choose to accept it.

Save the Village of ______ from Marauding Bandits[edit]

When visiting a tavern you may spot a farmer. Talk to him and calm him down to discover that some Bandits have taken over his village. Go to the village and fight the bandits, which may be Mountain, Forest or ordinary Bandits. There will be about 30-50 depending on your level, but a large number of villagers will join the battle to help you fight them. Once they are defeated, the villagers will offer you some goods as thanks, but you can decline the gift if you wish (doing so will further raise your relations with the village. This will also raise honor). You cannot capture Bandits knocked out in the village.

You do not need to accept the quest or even talk to the farmer to be able to free the village.

Help Poor Villager[edit]

Speaking to villagers in town randomly will occasionally give this quest. Raises reputation with the village by 1 point.

"My Life is Miserable sir. I havent's been able to find a job for months, and my poor children go to bed hungry each night. My neighours are too poor themselves to help me."
  • "Then take these 300 denars. I hope this will help you and your family." (raises rep by 1 with village and costs 300 denar)
  • "Then clearly you must travel somewhere else, or learn another trade." (loss of reputation with village -1 to -3)