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Bandit camps are new places added in warband. To find them you follow a party of the bandits or raiders you want to find a hideout for and slowly follow them around until the location has appeared on your screen.

Quest involving camps: some lord occasionally will ask you to eliminate a bandit hideout for example.

King Ragnar want someone to eliminate bandits who have been patrolling around sargoth lately. (what you do is find a group of bandits who are patrolling and follow them around until you find the camp then proceed to killing and destroying the hideout)

Entering a hideout: clicking the hideout and choosing to attack the bandits you will be inserted in a small area with maybe boats, caves, and huts (note you will not have any mounts). With a small group of soldiers, you will walk around killing the bandits that inhabit the hideout which is around 15-30 bandits. The bandits periodically respawn in certain places (the caves, huts, up on the hills, or come in off the ships in the case of Sea Raiders).

  • Note the bandits outnumber you but you can overpower them. The first six men in your party list will accompany you. Choose wisely.*

If you take a mission from a Lord to destroy a Bandit Hideout, the reward is 4 relationship points with that Lord, 1500 denars, 3000 XP, and some renown. You usually get about 1000 denars in loot. It is lucrative.

There's really only one bandit hideout of each type (Sea Raider, Forest Bandit, etc.) that respawns periodically in a new location. They always look the same on the inside, and there's never more than one at a time.

The Sea Raider Landing is the easiest to find. Start at Rivacheg and follow the coast west towards Wercheg. Unless you've destroyed it recently, the Landing is always there. Sometimes it's closer to Wercheg than Rivacheg, but it's always on the coast between the two cities.

If you're looking for other Bandit Hideouts, the place to start is in the little clumps of trees near the target city (below). Hideouts usually aren't out in the open; they sometimes are.

The Tundra Bandit Hideout is always near Khudan, sometimes closer to Rivacheg. The Forest Bandit Hideout is always in the woods south of Suno east of Uxhal. Mountain Bandits north of Veluca, usually in the open near Estroq Castle. Steppe Bandits near Ichamur, often in the little forests on the steppe to the east. Desert Bandits in between Durquba and Ahmerrad, often out in the open.