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The complete Swadian troop tree

The Swadians are a powerful and very adaptable faction, with access to strong troops from all three unit types.

The differences between the Swadians, Vaegirs and Sarranids are largely aesthetic, although all have their own individual strengths and weaknesses (for example, Vaegir Marksmen fire much faster than Swadian Sharpshooters, but not as fast as Sarranid Archers).


As one of the two original factions, the Swadians have a more developed troop tree than any faction other than the Vaegirs and Sarranids. Swadians are very adaptable, but the correct use of a varied party is still the key to victory. Swadian infantry are very versatile. They are not as tough as Nord infantry but wear better armor than most other foot units and are likely to survive combat for longer. While not as effective against cavalry as Rhodok spearmen, their mixed use of swords, picks, morningstars, and pikes allows them to be a threat to any unit type. A hidden benefit of the Swadian Sergeant is that they are internally tagged as mounted (despite not actually having a horse) so they do not slow the party down on the world map.

Swadian crossbowmen are slightly less skilled and less powerful than their Rhodok counterparts, but wear heavier armor and are slightly faster. Like the Sergeant, the Swadian Sharpshooter is tagged as mounted and so has little impact on the party's movement speed. While not poor or weak units, their lower proficiencies and damage make Swadian crossbowmen probably the least desirable line of ranged attackers in the game in open combat, and they are better left as defenders in a castle garrison (due to them having lower wages than their Rhodok counterparts, which makes garrisoning large numbers of them more practical) than filling your moving army's need for archers. Although they can be used for this purpose well enough, only Swadian lords should rely on them exclusively instead of another faction's more skilled ranged unit.

Swadian Knights are the strongest mounted units in the original Mount&Blade, with the Sarranid Mamlukes added in Warband being comparable (Warband also buffs other factions' top cavalry slightly to be more balanced with Swadian Knights, though they don't quite lose their dominance). Swadian Knights make more use of lances than other heavy cavalry, which is especially important in the initial charge. They are extremely powerful cavalry, though they are slightly slower than some other horsemen and their lack of athletics combined with their use of one of the heaviest armors in the game means a de-horsed Knight is in trouble if his friends aren't close by, as he will not be able to run away from the group of enemies he will likely be surrounded by. However, this will rarely be a problem. They are also more expensive than their Vaegir counterparts.

Against infantry[edit]

If you are using a less developed party, then it's best to keep your ranged infantry in tight with your regulars until ammo is short. Spreading out and charging is the next logical step. High level cavalry should wait behind sharpshooters until enemies begin returning fire. Spread cavalry and charge to avoid the crossfire.

Although charging them with knights usually works well, the use of ranged units should minimize casualties.

Against cavalry[edit]

The Swadians have excellent knights which, when used en masse, have very few weaknesses. Initial charges against cavalry can lose a few men to lances, so it is best to spread out and hang around your ranged units (if you have them) until the enemy breaks their group formation and pursue. Once their advantage is gone, help mop up.

Against archers[edit]

Cavalry are the nemesis of archers. Speed is the key, as well as keeping your shield up until you have a shot at an enemy. Spread your knights out and charge early, working your way around the group thinning their numbers until they either fall, or your own foot/ranged men close and finish the job.

Against ranged horsemen[edit]

Mounted archers will always be a nuisance to whatever army they fight against. Whilst horsemen may be considered to be the best option against them, the armoured horses of the Swadians are usually considerably slower and end up prolonging the battle into a chaotic merry go round. The key to victory is either a good troop mixture or a considerably large contingent of one particular type of unit. Swadian crossbowmen are well armoured and can provide an immense shower of crossbow bolts when spread out into a cordon line. Swadian heavy infantry can shatter any horsemen unfortunate to charge into them provided they are clustered tightly. Swadian horsemen are capable of harassing enemy horse archers but unless they outnumber their enemy, they will do little more than prolong a battle.

Against mixed forces[edit]

Facing a versatile army is always challenging as one has to be prepared for every possible confrontation. However, a large army possessing a huge troop roster does not necessarily possess the most capable or dangerous foes in game. The key to victory is to know your strengths and your enemy's strengths, assuming you are utilizing a good mixture of heavy horsemen and heavy infantry, it would be easy to dominate the field of battle against more lightly armoured troops. Taking advantage of the terrain and having knowledge of the fact that horsemen will always reach their intended target more quickly than footmen makes it easier to determine how to fight an enemy by eliminating the biggest threat in battle.


Unit Upgraded From... Lvl Upg Wage HP Str Agl Int Cha 1 Hand 2 Hand P-Arms Archery X-Bows Throw
Recruit Forest Bandit 4 40 1 42 7 5 4 4 60 60 60 60 60 60
Militia Recruit 9 10 2 44 7 5 4 4 75 75 75 75 75 75
Footman Militia 14 20 5 49 7 5 4 4 105 85 95 0 0 0
Skirmisher Militia 14 20 5 49 7 5 4 4 80 80 80 80 80 80
Infantry Footman 20 40 10 48 7 5 4 4 125 105 115 0 0 0
Crossbowman Skirmisher 19 40 9 46 7 5 4 4 90 90 90 90 100 90
Man At Arms Footman 21 40 19 57 7 5 4 4 120 100 110 0 0 0
Sergeant Infantry 25 80 15 57 7 5 4 4 155 135 145 0 0 0
Sharpshooter Crossbowman 24 80 14 52 14 10 4 4 100 100 100 100 120 100
Knight Man At Arms 25 120 31 59 7 5 4 4 150 130 130 75 75 75

(Attributes given are base stats only, actual in-game attributes will be randomly higher by an amount dependent on the troop's level.)