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Lethwin Far-Seeker (with starting equipment)

Lethwin, claimant to the throne of the Nords, earned his nickname "Far-Seeker" from his travels to distant lands in search of knowledge. His father died before his studies were completed, and as he hurried home his ship was wrecked in a storm. Ragnar, one of his father's thanes, claimed Lethwin had died in the shipwreck, and gathered enough supporters to declare himself king. Ragnar derisively calls him "Lethwin Inkfingers", and believes Lethwin's inexperience in combat makes him unfit to rule the warlike Nords.

Starting equipment: Hunter, Tabard, Leather Boots, Mail Boots, Brigandine, Arming Sword, Horseman's Heater Shield, Kettle Hat

Level 38
Cost Free
Likes (none)
Dislikes (none)