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Mount&Blade Warband, introduces an exiting new feature, multiplayer, but not ordinary multiplayer, but fully customizable, 64 player multiplayer. There are various modes to choose from, in which you can choose from a collection of maps, and then set the 2 factions you want to fight. You can, if you have no friends, add AI controlled players. Once you have set your preferences, you will start the server and wait for players to join. In that time you can kill the AI players to get gold, so that you may get better equipment. Here are the modes you can choose from:


With this mode, everyone will have to fight each other, regardless of the faction they are in. The same thing will happen with the AI players. This mode is recommended only to experienced players, as the swarming and overwhelming number of enemies will make this mode a tricky one, but if you pick off scattered enemies or those who look weaker and/or have cheap equipment. Using a horse here is recommended, as many enemies won't expect an attack from the back, due to the stress of the battles they are already in. Another trick would be to kill enemies who are already engaged or were engaged, thus resulting them being weakened, and usually a hit will ensure yourself an easy kill.

Team Deathmatch[edit]

Basically, the same as the mode above, but, with teams. There are only 2 teams possible, formed by the 2 factions you can join, which are chosen by the Server's creator. This one doesn't require much skill. You can rely of your team mates to weaken the enemy, before you come from the back and kill the enemy. Just don't rush into groups of enemies, as you are not likely to survive. Also, keep your shield up all the time, and , if possible, try to buy 2 shields, so that you may have protection from arrows hitting your back, just in case some AI archers or players sneak up with a ranged weapon, as it will be difficult to keep an eye everywhere, especially on servers with a lot of players.


Siege mode puts 2 factions in a fight for a castle. A faction will be defending the castle, and another will be attacking it with various siege weapons such as ladders (which you can lift up), siege towers (which you can 'push') and by destroying doors which lead to the inside of castles, or by opening the main gatehouse. (note that this method requires you or an enemy player to operate a mechanism inside the castle). Now that the attackers are in the castle, they need to find a large flag, and stay under it long enough to bring it down and claim the castle for your faction. Here are some tips for you: Always use 2 shields if you are a footman or a horseman. Never go alone in the castle. Always have someone guard your back if you are doing something that will help the team. If your team is taking down the flag, try to help them by disposing of the annoying archers on the walls. Now if you are a defender, guard any places where the enemy can raise the ladders, guard any secret destroyable places that may lead the enemy in the castle, and especially, the mechanism which opens the gatehouse. And remember, always close the doors you go trough, as it will slow the attackers down because they will have to destroy them, which takes a lot of time, and meanwhile, archers can finish them. Remember that defenders take more to respawn than attackers (usually), so try to keep yourself alive. You've ran out of arrows? You can scavenge the arrows from a dead teammate or take your chances and go out of the castle and search trough the dead archers (if any). Your shield broke? No problem. You can always get one from a dead enemy or teammate.


This mode works just like Team Deathmatch, but with a tweak. Instead of fighting all over again, you must capture key points by putting your own flag on neutral points, and bringing down enemy flags and putting your own. Note that this process takes a lot of time and places with the enemy team's flag are also spawning points for them, so you will better bring a good force with you, while telling other players to guard the rest of the flags. There are usually 4/5 flags. One will be owned by your team and one by the other team. The rest will be neutral, and capturing key places give your team a huge advantage. Here are some tips: Never go to capture a flag alone. If you are an archer, try to get to a high position, but to be able to have a good view on your flags. Archers are usually used to defend places, so if you are one, try to do so.

Search and destroy[edit]

This mode is just like the siege mode, but instead of defending a castle, a team will have to defend 2 targets for a time which is set by the server creator. Try to apply the archer rules I said in the Conquest mode. Note that the targets will be hard to destroy and you can't attack and keep your shield up at the same time, so try to make your teammates create a shield wall against missiles, while telling others to attack with you. As a defender, you won't have walls to keep the enemy at bay ( Except for some maps), so try to use the terrain to your advantage.


In this mode, you can challenge people or AI players to a duel. You can only kill the player you have challenged to a duel. Here you can practice your skills without having to worry of your surroundings. Tips: If you are a starter, try to duel weaker players or players at about the same level as you.


In this mode, there are 2 factions fighting. Nothing new, eh? In this mode you won't respawn in battle, so keep that in mind when you are charging into a group of enemies. If you die, you will either enter the spectator camera and wait for the game to end, or if there are AI players in the game, you can automatically take control of a random one. Try to attack in groups, or if you want to do this solo, hit the enemy from the back, or hit the archers who are busy killing your allies.

Capture the flag[edit]

This mode is pretty simple. You just run around, killing enemies, until you get to their flag, which is near their spawn point, and then safely return to your flag to score. Tips: Never go for the flag alone, and don't argue all the day on who should get the flag. If you're an archer keep an eye on the flag. Try to remain hidden, and, when the enemy if running with his back exposed, strike.