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Claimants have many unassigned skill points that will be randomly assigned, the numbers listed here reflect only the assigned points.
Arwa the Pearled One (with starting equipment)
Arwa the Pearled One (with starting equipment)

Arwa the Pearled one is the claimant to the throne of the Sarranid Sultanate. While she was a slave, the old Sultan Ayzar took her in. Ayzar respected her intelligence and allowed her to manage affairs while he was busy. When Ayzar died, the Emirs chose for Arwa to become the new ruler, and arranged her marriage to Emir Baybek. During their rule together, Baybek was killed in a skirmish with the Khergits. Hakim, believing Arwa to be a witch who used magical influence to get her position, came and forced her to abandon the throne and made himself Sultan.

Starting equipment: Sarranid Horse, Sarranid Mail Shirt, Plated Boots, Sarranid Cavalry Sword, Elite Cavalry Shield

Level 38
Cost Free
Likes (none)
Dislikes (none)