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New Pokémon Available
Red Blue Yellow

Pokemon 077Ponyta.pngPonyta
KoffingPokemon 109Koffing.png
Pokemon 088Grimer.pngGrimer

Pokemon 077Ponyta.pngPonyta
KoffingPokemon 109Koffing.png
Pokemon 088Grimer.pngGrimer
MagmarPokemon 126Magmar.png

Pokemon 058Growlithe.pngGrowlithe
DittoPokemon 132Ditto.png
Pokemon 088Grimer.pngGrimer

Buried somewhere in the rubble of Pokémon Mansion is the Secret Key that opens the Cinnabar Island Gym. There are plenty of salvageable items amongst the wreckage, as well as clues regarding the dangerous experimental Pokémon that escaped. Hunt carefully, as there are lots of powerful Pokémon here as well!

The Cinnabar Mansion[edit]

The door to the Gym is locked, and rumors suggest the key is lost in the abandoned mansion. You can get through the mansion fairly quickly, but the random Pokémon that lurk here, especially a wild Muk, can be fierce.

To get the key, take the stairs to the main part of Floor 3 (A to C), search the statue for a hidden switch (every statue here has one), then jump down the first balcony near a scientist marked point D. The stairs here will take you to the basement where the Secret Key lies. Flip all of the switches you pass and you'll find it without much trouble.

There are a number of valuable items and Pokémon here. Yellow players can pick up a Growlithe and a Ditto. Red and Blue can get a Ponyta, and Blue can also get an ultra-rare, Blue-exclusive Magmar.

The items include a number of stat-enhancing supplements, and two TMs. TM 22 is the most powerful Grass attack, Solarbeam, and TM 14 is the super-powerful Ice attack Blizzard, which you'll definitely need for the Elite Four. There is also a hidden Moon Stone in one of the pillars on Floor 1, right after you enter the mansion. There is a hidden Max Revive on Floor 3, at the top of the narrow path above marker A. There is a Rare Candy in the basement, in the room with the Secret Key near the top-left corner (above the plants). Also fight all the Burglars that you can — they'll give you good EXP and a ton of cash.

Floor 1
1 Scientist Pokebuck.png1450
Electrode LV29
Weezing LV29
A Escape Rope
B Carbos
Unlocking the many doors throughout Pokémon Mansion is no more difficult than pressing the buttons on the statues on each floor. The maps show you the doors in their default positions, so you can predict which ones will disappear when you press the buttons. Push them as needed to make your way through the level and collect all the items.
Floor 2
1 Burglar Pokebuck.png3060
Charmander LV34
Charmeleon LV34
A Calcium
Floor 3
1 Burglar Pokebuck.png3420
Ninetales LV38
2 Scientist Pokebuck.png1650
Magnemite LV33
Magneton LV33
Voltorb LV33
A Max Potion
B Iron
Leap of Faith
The Secret Key to the local Gym is in the basement, but you must go upstairs first. As you explore, flip the switches on the statues to open the electronic doors. Make your way up to the third floor and leap off the ledge in the bottom-middle of the screen, the largest gap that you see. You'll land in the basement. Defeat a nearby trainer to open another door. Follow the hall to find the key.
Basement 1
1 Burglar Pokebuck.png3060
Growlithe LV34
Ponyta LV34
2 Scientist Pokebuck.png1700
Magnemite LV34
Electrode LV34
A TM 14
B Full Restore
C Rare Candy
D TM 22
E Secret Key
Ditto that
The mansion's basement is the one and only chance for Yellow players to catch a shape-shifting Ditto before the Elite Four.
The Diaries of Doctor Fuji

Something of clear interest in the mansion would be the various pages from Dr. Fuji's journal, scattered about the mansion. These entries detail the discovery of a Pokémon known as "Mew," and how genetic engineering was used to alter its child into a being called "Mewtwo." The entries can be found, in chronological order, in the following locations:

  • In the northeast corner of Floor 2
  • In the southwest corner of Floor 2
  • On Floor 3, in a room that can only be accessed from stairwell B
  • In the basement, next to a Burglar and a Pokémon statue
Pokémon Mansion encounters
Floor 1 Floor 2 Floor 3 Basement 1
KoffingPokemon 109Koffing.png 40% 5% N/A 40% 5% N/A 40% 5% N/A 50% 5% N/A
Pokemon 110Weezing.pngWeezing 4% 1% N/A 4% 1% N/A 15% 1% N/A 14% 1% N/A
GrimerPokemon 088Grimer.png 5% 40% 20% 5% 40% 35% 5% 40% 35% 5% 50% 40%
Pokemon 089Muk.pngMuk 1% 4% N/A 1% 4% 5% 1% 15% 5% 1% 10% 10%
RattataPokemon 019Rattata.png N/A N/A 35% N/A N/A 35% N/A N/A 35% N/A N/A N/A
Pokemon 020Raticate.pngRaticate N/A N/A 25% N/A N/A 25% N/A N/A 25% N/A N/A 40%
VulpixPokemon 037Vulpix.png N/A 10% N/A N/A 25% N/A N/A 15% N/A N/A 15% N/A
Pokemon 058Growlithe.pngGrowlithe 10% N/A 20% 25% N/A N/A 15% N/A N/A 15% N/A N/A
PonytaPokemon 077Ponyta.png 40% 40% N/A 25% 25% N/A 24% 14% N/A 15% 15% N/A
Pokemon 132Ditto.pngDitto N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 10%
MagmarPokemon 126Magmar.png N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 10% N/A N/A 4% N/A
#88 Grimer #109 Koffing
Pokemon 088Grimer.png

You've been fighting these guys for ages, but you've never had an opportunity to catch one until now. No big loss: Grimers (and the evolved Muk) are literally garbage. Well, maybe that's a bit harsh. It's just that Poison-types are the worst in the game, in that no Poison skill (except for maybe Toxic, which you have to use a TM to teach him) is good against the quickly-defeated computer opponents. But at least Muks get a high Attack score and decent HP.

Pokemon 109Koffing.png

Team Rocket's bizarre affinity for these gaseous blobs is probably one of the reasons they lose so much. To be fair, evolved Weezing is probably the best of the Poison Pokémon, but that still doesn't make them particularly useful. At higher levels, fear their Selfdestruct and Explosion skills... Too bad their most powerful attacks knock themselves out too!

#126 Magmar
Pokemon 126Magmar.png

Magmar is both hard to catch and exclusive to Blue, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's any good. Arcanine is probably the best of the Fire Pokémon (although Blue players would need to trade for one), but Charizard, Ninetales (if you didn't evolve her until after learning Flamethrower as Vulpix) and possibly even Flareon are all better picks than Magmar in Blue.