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Box artwork for Sonic Labyrinth.
Box artwork for Sonic Labyrinth.
Sonic Labyrinth
Developer(s)Minato Giken
Year released1995
System(s)Sega Game Gear, Nintendo 3DS
SeriesSonic the Hedgehog
ModesSingle player
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Sonic Labyrinth is a puzzle/platformer for the Sega Game Gear, released on November 17, 1995 in Japan and sometime during 1995 in the US and Europe. It is also playable on Sonic Adventure DX and in the PC, PlayStation 2 and Xbox editions of Sonic Mega Collection Plus. The game features isometric 3D gameplay similar to Sonic 3D Blast.


Sonic and Eggman are the only characters in this game. Sonic must move around a pinball-like arena, using his power to roll into a ball to defeat badniks and pick up keys in order to exit through the GOAL door to clear the stage. The only move Sonic can use in the game is the spin dash, because Doctor Ivo Robotnik (Doctor Eggman in the Japanese version) secretly replaced his famous red shoes with another pair; The Slow-Down Boots that took away his ability to run fast or jump. Sonic does retain his ability to walk and Spin Dash, however there is a time limit in each stage so it is best to move quickly.

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