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Fors Yard introduces the Barbarian enemy. Once a boss in the original game, now multiple Barbarians attack. They resemble skulls surrounded by vegetation. They typically fly across the background, and then advance toward you. Muka Densu MK II ships will also appear. Be sure to fly carefully and avoid the indestructible pillars.

Space Harrier II Stage 2.png
  • Six Barbarians will appear off in the distance from the upper left, cross over to the upper right, and then advance towards you heading to the lower left. Six more Barbarians will appear, moving along the mirror image of the first set.
  • Five Barbarians will appear off in the distance from the upper left, cross over to the upper right, and then start to advance towards you, diving down to the floor, but then picking back up and heading for the upper left. Five more Barbarians will appear follow the mirror image path of the previous Barbarians.
  • Six Muka Densu MK II ships will appear in the distance, three on the left and three on the right. They fly low to the ground until they get close, and then rise and retreat. Another six ships will appear high in the sky, drop down to about mid-level, and then veer off to the sides.
  • Three ships will appear high in the distance, from the left, middle, and right. They fly down towards the ground, and then back up to the sky as they get closer. After a short break, another three ships will appear and follow the same pattern.
  • Five Barbarians will appear in the distance, cross from the upper left to the upper right, and then approach you towards the left, bouncing off the floor as they draw near.
  • Eight Barbarians will appear, flying around in a circle as a group. They will loop around the screen three times before retreating. Destroy as many as you can before they flee.

Boss: Paranoia[edit]

Space Harrier II Stage 2 boss.png

When Paranoia first appears, it is surrounded by ten orbs which rotate around Paranoia at various angles. Paranoia is invulnerable to your attack until you manage to shoot and destroy every one of those orbs. While any orbs exist, Paranoia will simply drift back and forth, flying closer and farther from you, shooting fireballs at you whenever it retreats. Be sure to move around the screen whenever it flies away from you. Once the last orb is destroyed, Paranoia rushes to the center of the foreground and simply stops. You must then pelt it with bullets as fast as you can, in an effort to destroy it before it decides to retreat and get away. If it begins to retreat, it will shoot fireballs at you as it leaves. Paranoia changes from pink to blue as an indication that it's taking damage.