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Zero Polis brings about the inevitable introduction of one of the Harrier's most enduring foes: the Neo Dom robots. Like their predecessors in the original game, Neo Doms come in a variety of colors, each with their own signature behavior. Take this opportunity to learn the colors of each Dom so you can identify their attack pattern and counter it before they get too close. But beware, there's another eerie enemy present here that you'll meet for the first time.

Space Harrier II Stage 4.png
  • You'll start off with three green Neo Doms appearing in the distance on the right, and crossing over to the left as they get closer and fire energy rings at you. Then three more green Neo Doms will appear on the left and cross over to the right.
  • Next come a trio of dark blue Neo Doms who fly down to the ground from a distance on the left side, and advance toward you. When they get close, they weave back and forth, before retreating and jumping back into the sky. Another trio of dark blue Neo Doms will fly down on the right side.
  • A trio of dark gray Neo Doms will fly towards you from the distance, one up in the middle, and the other two down in the corners. This is followed by three light gray Neo Doms who appear in the distance, and approach you from the left side. They will bounce back to the middle and advance forward again if you allow them to live long enough. Another three gray Neo Doms will do the same thing on the right.
  • At this time, phantom Armor begins to attack. They drop from the sky, move over to the other side of the screen, rise up and fall back down, and then slide back over to their original side, on and on as they get closer to you. They shoot energy rings at you as they do so. Six will attack, first three starting on the right side, then three starting on the left.
  • Finally, you will be attacked by one more trio of dark gray Neo Doms, from the upper center and lower corners of the screen.

Boss: Neo Dom Force[edit]

Space Harrier II Stage 4 boss.png

When you reach the end of this stage, you will encounter a force of eight Neo Doms who remain at a certain distance from you, firing a barrage of missiles at you. You'll have to stay in constant motion to avoid getting hit. But you'll also need to fire at them to take them out. So it is recommended that you travel in a sideways figure 8 motion, shooting at the Doms whenever you cross through the middle. After you manage to destroy a few, the Neo Doms will stop shooting and begin to approach you. Keep shooting towards the center of their cluster in order to remove as many as possible before they get too close. If they reach you, it is still possible to survive if you've cleared out a band near the top or the bottom. Then they will begin to retreat until they've disappeared, or you've destroyed the remainder of them.