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The starting location.


Connected to Baron by the Mist cave, and home to the Callers.

  • In the North west building, look for a secret behind the fireplace. You can get a Change Rod and Tiera. However, you can only effectively find this after getting the airship.


A small city located near an oasis. Initially, you bring Rydia here after the incident at Myst, and discover that Rose is here as well.

Contains an inn and stores.


A city in the desert north of Kaipo. It gets bombed as you approach, with the crystal taken away. You can use pots of HP and MP recovery here.

It's an intermediate point between Kaipo and Mt. Hobs, as well as the nearby antlion cave.


A city in the far northwest filled with magic users.


A Matriarchy, was guarding the Crystal of Earth before the Dark Elf stole it.

Dark Elf Cave[edit]

The cave surrounded by dense forest northeast of Toroia. While traversing this cave, any metallic weapon a character is holding causes them to be paralyzed in battle (same effect as Hold). Bows and arrows, staves, and rods are really the only weapons that can be used here, so it's advisable to run from combat when necessary.

Tower of Zot[edit]

Note: You can only visit this place once.


Contains a well that's allegedly bottomless.


Home of the dwarves, located in the underworld.

Tower of Babil[edit]

Note: You can visit this place twice, however, you are exploring different sections. You fight Dr. Rugae here, and fight Rubicant in the upper section.

Bahamut Cave[edit]

Found on the Lunar Subterrane.

Lunar Lair[edit]

The final cave of the game.


This is a small ruined castle near the Tower of Zot. It contains a few items, including a Slumber Sword and a Drain Spear in the left and right towers. There is also a backdoor escape route containing an elixer.

Some of the chests are not directly reachable; they are either accessed from hidden stairs, or by walking along the outside of the tower.