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In the GBA and subsequent releases of Final Fantasy 4, two optional dungeons were added. In there, many equipment parts can be found. Each equipment is specific for one single character. Their attack and defense power are very high, but their most important characteristics are their unique special effects.

Note that Tellah and Fusoya have no special Advance equipment.

  • Reward = equipment won from a boss;
  • Sets = equipping the weapon sets a status on the wielder;
  • Inflicts = attacking with the weapon also inflicts a status on the enemy;
  • Casts = use the weapon/armor from the Item menu to cast a spell;
  • Resists = the armor reduces damage from some elements;
  • Prevents = the armor makes the wearer immune to some status;
  • Upgrade = the armor changes one command ability;
Equipment Type Users Effects Location
Hog Call sword Weapon Cecil, Kain Inflicts Pig Lunar Ruins
Gigant axe Weapon Cecil, Kain, Cid Inflicts Poison; no shield allowed; Str+15 Lunar Ruins
Hero's shield Shield Everybody Absorbs elements; Str+15, Agl+15, Sta+15, Int+15, Spi+15 Lunar Ruins (reward)

Cecil the Paladin[edit]

Equipment Type User Effects Location
Excalipoor sword Weapon Cecil - Lunar Ruins
Index Finger sword Weapon Cecil Strong vs. Flans Lunar Ruins
Lightbringer sword Weapon Cecil Automatically casts Holy; element: Holy; Str+15, Sta+15, Agl+15 Lunar Ruins (reward)
Caesar's plate Body armor Cecil Resists Darkness, Holy; Spi+10 Lunar Ruins

Kain the Dragoon[edit]

Jump allows perfect defense and double strength for one turn; Double Jump is faster and further increases strength.

Equipment Type User Effects Location
Abel's lance Weapon Kain Automatically casts Tornado; element: lightning; Str+15, Sta+15, Agl+15 Lunar Ruins
Dragoon plate Body armor Kain Sta+10 Lunar Ruins
Dragoon gloves Gloves Kain Upgrades Jump to Double-Jump Lunar Ruins (reward)

Cid the Engineer[edit]

Equipment Type User Effects Location
Thor's hammer Weapon Cid Casts Blitz; element: Lightning; Str+15 Cave of Trials (reward)
Flare sledgehammer Weapon Cid Automatically casts Flare; element: Ice;
Str+15, Sta+15, Int+15, Spi+15
Cave of Trials (reward)
Grand armor Body armor Cid Resists Lightning; Sta+10, Spi+10 Cave of Trials
Maximilian armor Body armor Cid Prevents Petrify; Sta+10, Spi+10, Int+10 Lunar Ruins
Grand helm Headgear Cid Resists Lightning; Agl+5, Spi+5 Cave of Trials

Edge the Ninja[edit]

Steal takes an item from an opponent; Mug robs and hits an enemy at the same time.

Equipment Type User Effects Location
Sasuke's katana Weapon Edge Agl+10, Sta+10 Lunar Ruins
Mutsonokami katana Weapon Edge Casts Blink; Str+10, Agl+10 Lunar Ruins
Scrap metal shuriken Weapon Edge - Lunar Ruins
Rising sun boomerang Weapon Edge Spd+10 Lunar Ruins
Assassin's vest Body armor Edge Resists Fire, Ice, Lightning; Str+10, Sta+10, Agl+10 Lunar Ruins
Hanzo's gloves Gloves Edge Upgrades Steal to Mug Lunar Ruins (reward)

Yang the Monk[edit]

Focus temporarily increases Yang's power; Deadly is the same as Focus, but triples his power.

The Tiger Mask headgear is probably a tribute to the famous manga and anime of the same name, starring a wrestler.

Equipment Type User Effects Location
Tiger Fang claw Weapon Yang Inflicts Paralyze; Sta+10, Agl+10 Lunar Ruins
Dragon claws Weapon Yang Strong vs. Dragons; Str+10, Spi+10 Lunar Ruins
Godhand claw Weapon Yang Element: Holy; Str+10, Sta+10, Agl+10 Cave of Trials (reward)
Brave suit Body armor Yang Prevents Curse; Str+10, Sta+10, Agl+10 Cave of Trials
Battle gear Body armor Yang Prevents Curse, Pig, Toad; Str+10, Sta+10 Lunar Ruins
White Tiger Mask Headgear Yang Prevents Paralysis; Str+5 Cave of Trials
Martial armlet Gloves Yang Upgrades Focus to Deadly Lunar Ruins (reward)

Edward the Bard[edit]

Sing inflicts a random status ailment on all enemies; Chant increases magic and elemental defense of all allies.

Equipment Type User Effects Location
Apollo's harp Weapon Edward Element: Fire; Strong vs. Dragons; Str+15, Agl+15, Spi+15 Cave of Trials
Requiem harp Weapon Edward Used to get Loki's Lute; Str-5, Agl-5, Sta-5, Spi-5, Int-5 Lunar Ruins
Loki's lute Weapon Edward Strong vs. all enemies; Str+15, Agl+15, Sta+15 Lunar Ruins (reward)
Red jacket Body armor Edward Resists Fire; Str+15, Agl+10 Cave of Trials
Vishnu vest Body armor Edward Resists Fire, Ice, Lightning; Str+15, Agl+10, Sta+10 Lunar Ruins
Red Cap Headgear Edward Resists Fire; Sta+10 Cave of Trials
Harmony ring Gloves Edward Upgrades Sing to Chant Lunar Ruins (reward)

Rydia the Summoner[edit]

Equipment Type User Effects Location
Rainbow robe Body armor Rydia Resists Fire, Ice, Lightning, Holy; Int+10 Lunar Ruins
Mist ring Gloves Rydia Upgrades Mist Dragon adding Blink status Lunar Ruins (reward)

Palom the Black Mage[edit]

Equipment Type User Effects Location
Triton's dagger Weapon Palom Casts Flood; Int+15 Cave of Trials (reward)
Asura's rod Weapon Palom Casts Holy; element: Holy; Int+15, Spi+15 Lunar Ruins
Chocobo suit Body armor Palom Prevents Poison; Agl+15 Lunar Ruins
Sage's robe Body armor Palom Resists Mages, Prevents Silence; Agl+10, Int+10 Cave of Trials
Hypnocrown Headgear Palom Prevents Pig, Toad, Mini; Int+5 Cave of Trials
Twin stars Gloves Porom & Palom Upgrades Twincast enabling Twin Meteor Lunar Ruins (reward)

Porom the White Mage[edit]

Equipment Type User Effects Location
Seraphim's mace Weapon Porom Casts Esuna; Spi+15 Cave of Trials (reward)
Nirvana staff Weapon Porom Casts Reflect; Spi+15, Sta+10 Lunar Ruins
Tabby suit Body armor Porom Prevents Poison; Str+10, Sta+10 Lunar Ruins
Robe of Lords Body armor Porom Resists Fire, Ice, Lightning; Sta+10, Spi+10 Cave of Trials
Cat-Ear hood Headgear Porom Resists Ice; Agl+5 Cave of Trials
Twin stars Gloves Porom & Palom Upgrades Twincast enabling Twin Meteor Lunar Ruins (reward)

Rosa the White Mage[edit]

Pray has a 50% chance of either restore HP to all allies or fail, Miracle has 50% chance of either restore HP and status to all or fail.

Equipment Type User Effects Location
Perseus bow Weapon Rosa Spi+15 Lunar Ruins
Perseus arrow Weapon Ro-Po, Ry-Pa,
Ce, Ci, Ew
Inflicts Confuse; strong vs. Giants Lunar Ruins
White dress Body armor Rosa Resists Ghouls, Undead; Prevents Silence, Berserk; Spi+10 Lunar Ruins
White ring Gloves Rosa Upgrades Pray to Miracle Lunar Ruins (reward)