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Call magic user:

  • Rydia (Summoner)

Spell types:

  • Support: battle spells that target the allies;
  • Debuff: battle spells that target the enemies but deal no damage;
  • Attack: battle spells that damage the enemies.

Spell list[edit]

The mist ring is an item introduced in the Advance port.

In order to learn some summons you need to get the items from those monster by the same name. For example, to get the Bomb summon, you need to fight Bombs until they drop a "Bomb Item" which lets you learn Bomb Summon.

Summon MP Type Target Effect Learn Image
Chocobo 7 Attack One Non-elemental Child FF4 Chocobo.jpg
Mist Dragon 20 Attack/support All Element: holy;
if Mist Ring (GBA) is equipped,
also casts Blink on allies
Adult FF4 Mist.jpg
Shiva 30 Attack All Element: ice Adult FF4 Shiva.jpg
30 Attack All Element: lightning Adult FF4 Indra.jpg
30 Attack All Element: fire Adult FF4 Jinn.jpg
Titan 40 Attack All Element: earth Adult FF4 Titan.jpg
Event spells
Sylph 25 Attack/support One Drains HP and heals all allies Find Yang FF4 Sylph.jpg
Odin 45 Attack All Instantly defeats enemies Defeat Odin FF4 Odin.jpg
Asura 50 Support All Either cures, revives or shields allies Defeat Asura FF4 Asura.jpg
Leviathan 50 Attack All Element: water Defeat Leviathan FF4 Leviathan.jpg
Bahamut 60 Attack All Non-elemental Defeat Bahamut FF4 Bahamut.jpg
Advance spells
Goblin 1 Attack One Damages goblins only From an item occasionally
dropped by Goblins
Bomb 10 Attack One Damage depends on caster's HP From an item occasionally
dropped by Bombs
Cockatrice 15 Attack One Instantly defeats enemies (petrify) From an item occasionally
dropped by Cockatrices
Mindflayer 18 Attack/debuff One Attacks and causes "paralyze" status From an item occasionally
dropped by Mindflayers

From Final Fantasy 3 to Final Fantasy 4[edit]

Summons were introduced in the previous title of the series, Final Fantasy 3. There were eight of them: five could be purhcased as soon as the Evoker/Summoner job is unlocked, the last three could be obtained by defeating the summon. The same scheme is repeated here in Final Fantasy 4.

Eight Summons from Final Fantasy 3:

  • Chocobo (start)
  • Shiva (start)
  • Ramuh (start)
  • Ifrit (start)
  • Titan (start)
  • Odin (fight)
  • Leviathan (fight)
  • Bahamut (fight)

Three new summons were introduced in the original version of Final Fantasy 4:

  • Mist Dragon (start)
  • Sylph (event)
  • Asura (fight)

Further four summons were introduced in the GBA and subsequent remakes of Final Fantasy 4:

  • Goblin
  • Bomb
  • Cockatrice
  • Mindflayer