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Extra Items[edit]

On the U.S. SNES version entitled Final Fantasy II, the items held in a character's left and right hands can be duplicated. When in battle, select the Item option. Move the cursor down to an empty slot in the item bag, and select the empty slot. Then, move the cursor all the way up until the character's equipped items appear, and select one; it is important to select an empty slot from the item bag before selecting the character's equipment. The equipped item will then be switched with the empty slot. (Note: Both of the character's equipped items can be unequipped this way, one after the other, and they can both be duplicated as a result.) Next, finish the battle. After the battle is over, access the menu screen and go to the Equip menu. When the equipment is given back to the character, the numeral 2 appears on the right. Immediately remove the equipment, and there will be two of them in the item bag. The character can have their equipment back, and the duplicated item will now stay in the item bag. This trick is especially useful for duplicating rare or expensive items. Valuable items can be sold to shops, or simply given to another character who can equip it. Also, duplicating powerful weapons can be useful for Edge's throwing ability.

*Note: It is no longer possible to duplicate weapons and shields during battle in the Nintendo DS version, iOS, Android, and PC Steam versions.

Sylph Bug?[edit]

Also in the U.S. SNES Final Fantasy II, Rydia's Sylph summon (obtained from the Sylph Cave sidequest) does not use any MP. This spell damages all enemies, and simultaneously heals all allies.

Milking Exp[edit]

When you cast life on a dead opponent, it is revived with HP=Vit *5. Since enemies have 0 vitality, they instantly die again without the body reappearing. [1] This may be difficult because of timing issues, but can be well worth the benefit on some opponents.

You can try this trick on Alert or Searcher, and repeat to get a massive exp bonus for a single battle. The Weak spell is your friend, as it quickly drains a target's HP.

However, this trick will not work on bosses.

Level up trick[edit]

In the SNES version of Final Fantasy 4. You can quickly get Cecil leveled up after he becomes Paladin, first of all kill off your allies in the battle you know will leave your party for good, then have Cecil fight enemies alone. You can go to the North end fields of Mt. Ordeals and fight stronger enemies from the fields of Troia. You can quickly get Cecil up to level 30 or higher.

Later on in the Tower of Zot you can fight Marionetteer who summons Marionettes, fight the Marionettes for much experience and leave Cecil the only one alive in battle. You can also fight the Magus Sisters, Mindy and Sandy and get Cecils levels 50 or higher and alot of Gil. You can do this before Kain and Rosa, Rydia joins you. However Edge will still start off at his initial level 25.

Note: In the Nintendo DS, iOS, Android, PC Steam versions. The Marionetteers will retreat right after they summon a Marionette. Also if you level up Cecil, this no longer affect the level ups that Kain, Rosa, Rydia and Edge has so you'll have to level each of them up manually.

When you fight Trapdoors in the Sealed Cave, you kill the Trapdoor by first getting to Rosa's turn, once he targets one of your players quickly cast Wall on that targeted player and the Trapdoor will cast Ninth Dimension and it will backfire and kill Trapdoor.

When you fight the CPU boss in the SNES version you can kill the Attacker and Defender for 50,000 experience points. However in the Nintendo DS, iOS, Android, and PC Steam. This is no longer possible.

In the Nintendo DS, iOS, Android, and PC Steam version, you can get an ability called Level Lust from the Moon and earn 1.5 times the experience after every battle.

Earning Gil[edit]

In the original Final Fantasy 4 for SNES, you could duplicate weapons and sell them for money. However in the Nintendo DS, iOS, Android and PC Steam it is no longer possible to so. There are other ways to get money.

  • You can unequip characters you know will leave your party such as Kain, Tellah, Edward, and Cecil as Dark Knight before he becomes Paladin. And sell the equipment for Gil.
  • In the Nintendo DS, iOS, Android, PC Steam, When you get a members pass in Troia for 100,000. You can go to the dressing room to obtain Gil Farmer and use it on one of your party members to earn more money in battles.
  • You can fight the Magus Sisters, Mindy and Sandy for 3000 gil apiece.
  • You can have Edge steal Flame lances from Flame Knights at the Tower of Babil sell them for 5500 gil, or Gaia Hammers from Steel Golems for 6000 gil, or Artemis Arrows from Moonmaidens for 10,000 gil. Keep in mind Edges Steal success rate is low and can go up to 39 percent chance and it'll take many tries before you successfully steal one.

Defeating Dr. Lunge[edit]

When you fight Dr. Lunge and his robot Barnabas. Dr. Lunge will appear in his second form. Quickly use 2 elixirs on him and the battle will be won but make sure it damages him, otherwise you'll end up healing him.

Using Draw and Counter on Cecil[edit]

As soon as you get the Counter and Draw abilities use it on Cecil. It works much better than Cover. The enemies will attack Cecil and Cecil will counterattack them. This makes it easier on the Nintendo DS, iOS, Android, and PC Steam when the enemies are much harder to defeat.

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Pro action Replay codes[edit]

Code Result
7E1039FF Maxes EXP of middle character slot.
7E3585FF Multiplies EXP won in battle by 255 to gain levels quickly.