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There are many changes made in the Nintendo DS version of Final Fantasy 4 including the iOS, Android, and PC Steam version.

The main change from the first release of Final Fantasy IV is the difference in spell and ability names. For example, "Fire2" has been renamed to "Fira" (in other words modern spell names). Additional changes:

  • A new Augment system has been introduced for more flexible gameplay.
  • The Twincast ability that Palom and Porom have has been changed with the addition of extra spells that can be used with the Augment system.
  • Rydia's Meteor spell cannot be obtained until after level 80. Whereas in the SNES version you can get it at level 60.
  • 3 new spells for Edge's Ninjutsu has been added including Tremor, Gale, Frost.
  • The character sprites are now 3D CGI models made with motion capture, inside of 2D pixel sprites. Also the towns, castles, caves, tower, is now 3D rooms instead of 2D overview maps.
  • When the player explores dungeons, they can explore the map until it reaches 100 percent and get a reward for the effort.
  • When casting the confuse spell on Coeurl or Cait Sith enemy, they no longer cast Blaster spell on enemies or on themselves, therefore only attacking themselves.
  • There are now CGI cutscenes with voice acting.
  • The Weapon duplicate glitch cheat that was used to copy weapons and shields for the SNES release has been removed.
  • The enemies are much more difficult to kill and some of the enemies like Searcher, Security Eye, Sorcerer, Marionetteer, will now run away after summoning one of their enemies.
  • Some of the stronger enemy random encounter glitch north end of Mount Ordeals that's normally found in Troia fields featured in the SNES version has been fixed and it only features enemies outside of Mount Ordeals.
  • The price for the Troia membership card is 100,000 gil instead of 10,000 gil. The Elixir is 50,000 gil instead of 100,000 gil.
  • There are augment abilities that you can now use to customize your characters. Auto-potion, Counter, Draw attack, Gil Farmer, Level Lust and so on.
  • After the CPU boss fight in the Giant of Babil, a brand new cutscene features Cecil's childhood with his brother Golbez and his best friend Kain.
  • The CPU enemies the Attacker and Defender no longer offer experience or Gil. However The Magus Sisters do respawn and provide experience and Gil after every kill the player makes on them.
  • There are extra sidequests involving the Namingway quest, and the search for eight Eidolons is included.
  • Rosa's arrows no longer get used up for every attack so the player can equip one arrow and use it for unlimited times.
  • Status boosts for level 71 and up are affected by the augments the player is equipped with.
  • The Malboro enemies bad breath attack can still inflict other status aliments even with Headband, where as in the SNES version the Headband will automatically block other status aliments.

NOTE:Some of these changes were first introduced in Final Fantasy IV Advance for the GBA.

Spell name changes[edit]

Original US

Name (Blk Magic)

DS Name

(Black Magic)

Original US

Name (Wht Magic)

DS Name

(White Magic)

Fire1 Fire Cure1 Cure
Fire2 Fira Cure2 Cura
Fire3 Firaga Cure3 Curaga
Ice Blizzard Wall Reflect
Ice2 Blizzara Cure4 Curaja
Ice3 Blizzaga Life1 Raise
Lit2 Thundara Life2 Arise
Lit3 Thundaga Heal Esuna
Virus Bio Bersk Berserk
Psych Osmose Fast Haste
Fatal Death Mute Silence
Nuke Flare Peep Libra
Meteo Meteor Size Mini
Weak Tornado White Holy


All Spells still have the same effect so please see Final Fantasy IV/White magic and Final Fantasy IV/Black magic.



Whyt is one of Rydia's summons. When talking to a fat chocobo, you can train Whyt by playing mini-games. Each game increases one stat based on how well you performed. The party member must be currently present in the party to access their game. The games are:

  • Cecil's Goblin Gauntlet
  • Edge's Ninja Blade Glade
  • Kain's High Jump Hijinks
  • Rosa's Measured Meditations
  • Rydia's Mathemagic Mediatations