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Black magic users:

  • Rydia (Summoner)
  • Palom (Black mage)
  • Tellah (Sage; initially he uses random spells, later he learns all white & black magic at once)
  • Fusoya (Lunarian; starts with all white & black magic, but has low MP)

Spell types:

  • Field: spells that can be used outside battle;
  • Support: battle spells that target the allies;
  • Disable: battle spells that target the enemies but deal no damage;
  • Attack: battle spells that damage the enemies.

Spell list[edit]

Spell MP Type Target Effect Ry. Pa. Image
Warp 4 Field All Go to previous floor in a dungeon. L12 L29 FF4 Warp.jpg
Support/disable spells
Toad 7 Support/Disable All/one Cures or inflicts Toad status. L13 L22 FF4 Toad.jpg
Piggy 1 Support/Disable All/one Cures or inflicts Piggy status. L20 L11 FF4 Piggy.jpg
Disabling spells
Sleep 12 Disable One Inflicts Sleep status. L08 L01 FF4 Sleep.jpg
Stop 15 Disable One Enemy cannot act for a few turns. L15 L14 FF4 Stop.jpg
Psych 0 Disable One Drains MP and restores caster's MP. L31 L40 FF4 Psych.jpg
Attack spells 1: elemental
Ice1 5 Attack All/one Element: ice. L02 L01 FF4 Ice1.jpg
Ice2 15 Attack All/one Element: ice. Adult L11 FF4 Ice2.jpg
Ice3 30 Attack All/one Element: ice. L38 L32 FF4 Ice3.jpg
Lit1 5 Attack All/one Element: lightning. L05 L01 FF4 Lit1.jpg
Lit2 15 Attack All/one Element: lightning. Adult L13 FF4 Lit2.jpg
Lit3 30 Attack All/one Element: lightning L45 L34 FF4 Lit3.jpg
Fire1 5 Attack All/one Element: fire. Mt. Hobs L01 FF4 Fire1.jpg
Fire2 15 Attack All/one Element: fire. Adult L12 FF4 Fire2.jpg
Fire3 30 Attack All/one Element: fire. L40 L33 FF4 Fire3.jpg
Venom 2 Attack One Inflicts Poison status; element: bio. L10 L01 FF4 Venom.jpg
Virus 20 Attack All/one Element: bio. L25 L19 FF4 Virus.jpg
Quake 30 Attack All Element: earth. L44 L23 FF4 Quake.jpg
Attack spells 2: instant-defeat
Stone 15 Attack One Instant-defeat attack (petrify). L46 L36 FF4 Stone.jpg
Fatal 35 Attack One Instant-defeat attack. L49 L46 FF4 Fatal.jpg
Attack spells 3: non-elemental
Drain 18 Attack One Drains HP and restores caster's HP. L35 L26 FF4 Drain.jpg
Weak 30 Attack One Reduces target HP to single-digit. L48 L48 FF4 Weak.jpg
Nuke 50 Attack One Non-elemental attack. L50 L50 FF4 Nuke.jpg
Meteo 99 Attack All Non-elemental attack. L60 L52 128px