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Go to Sylph Cave[edit]

FF4 PSP SCa.jpg

In the upper left hand corner of the Underground is a cave surrounded by a grey patch on the ground. Enter the cave. The first thing to do when you enter the cave is to have Rosa cast the spell Float on your whole party (you can do this all at once). This will protect you from the spots on the ground that damage your party and also from monsters that attack using the Earthquake spell.

Inside the Cave[edit]

Passage of the Eidolons
Number Name HP Weakness Resist Absorb Gil Exp Notes
#081 Tunneler 655 - - - 445 703 Drops Siren
#111 Bog Toad 600 Ice - - 335 1841 Attacks with Toad
#112 Bog Witch 2960 - - - 598 3441 Commands all Bog Toad to attack with Toad; Drops Ribbon
#113 Evil Dreamer 2800 - - Fire 362 3141 Cycles between Fira and Sleep; Easily Silenced
#114 Elder Treant 3900 Fire - - 525 5041 Casts Berserk on allies; Easily Silenced
#115 Malboro 4200 - - - 650 5641 Immunity to any status counters Bad Breath; Drops Soma Drop
Sylph Cave Checklist:
  • Angel Arrows x10
  • Elfin Bow
  • Faerie Rod
  • Moonring Blade
  • Avenger
  • Medusa Arrows x10
  • Fire Arrows x10
  • Ice Arrows x10
  • Lightning Arrows x10
  • Mage Masher
  • Cat Claws
  • Hell Claws
  • Bestiary x2
  • Hi-Potion x2
  • Maiden's Kiss x3
  • Remedy
  • Bomb Core
  • Ether x2
  • Emergency Exit
  • Red Fang
  • White Fang
  • Blue Fang
  • Cottage
  • Elixir
  • 6000 Gil
FF4 PSP SCb.jpg

In the first room go straight ahead and into the next room. In the next room you will do the same thing, going to the cave directly ahead of you. In the next room, you may use the save point on the right, then continue to the left, and enter the cave to the left of the one you just entered.

Deep in the Cave[edit]

FF4 PSP SCc.jpg

In this long room, head all the way to the end of the room, and through the door there. Now go as far south as possible, and follow the path until you reach a large brown building. Enter this building, and speak to Yang who is in the bed. Now go up the staircase in the building, then step on the platform in the next room. This will take you out of the cave.

Fly to Fabul[edit]

FF4 PSP SCd.jpg

Leave the underground, fly to Fabul and enter the castle. Go into the inside of the castle, and up the stairs between the inn and weapon shop. Turn around in the next room and go through the south door.

Get the Pan[edit]

FF4 PSP SCe.jpg

Once outside go in the tower on the left, and all the way to the top. Talk to the woman there (Yang's wife) and she will give you the Pan, which you will need later. Leave the castle.

Return to Sylph Cave[edit]

FF4 PSP SCf.jpg

Return to the underground, go back in the Sylph cave, and finally return to where Yang was laying. Use the Pan on him, and he will wake up. Since he cannot join you, the Sylphs will give the Sylph summon to Rydia. Go up the staircase, and on the platform again to leave the cave.

In order to receive the best throwing weapon in the game (Spoon or Knife depending on version), return to Yang’s wife in Fabul after hitting him with the pan. This must be completed before the first trip to the moon.