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Art of Fighting[edit]

Play as Mr.Big[edit]

Play through story mode until you reach Mr.Big and have a second player join in. Mr.Big will now be a selectable character.

Play as Mr.Karate[edit]

Play through story mode until you reach Mr.Karate and have a second player join in. Mr.Karate will now be a selectable character.

Tear King's clothes off[edit]

If you finish King with a special move, her clothes will be torn and it will be revealed that she is a woman.

Art of Fighting 2[edit]

Fight against Geese Howard[edit]

Play though story mode without losing one single round and you will be able to fight against Geese Howard after you beat Mr.Big. If you loose one round have a second player join in, beat him and continue.

Tear King's and Yuri's clothes off[edit]

Same as AOF1: finish them with a special move to reveal their underwear.

Extra Power (Home version only)[edit]

To use this trick, you must own Art of Fighting 1 & 2 for memory compatible systems. First, win all three bonus games in AOF1 and save your game. Then go to AOF 2 and choose load. Load the Art of Fighting 1 option you are presented. You will begin the game with all of the characteristics of the AOF 1 bonus stage games completed in AOF 2.

Play as Geese (SNES version only)[edit]

When you see Saurus enter: Arcade-Stick-DL.pngArcade-Stick-Hcb.pngArcade-Stick-DR.png on the direction pad, and then hold R Button and Y Button.

Art of Fighting 3[edit]

Birthday Gift[edit]

Each character will be powered up on their birthdays and able to perform a Desperation Move at any time.

Name Birthday
Kasumi Todoh March, 29
Wang Koh-San April, 17
Lenny Creston May, 20
Karman Cole June, 13
Rody Birts July, 24
Ryo Sakazaki August, 2
Jin Fu-Ha September, 4
Wyler October, 22
Sinclair November, 14
Robert Garcia December, 25