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This is your first official mission right after the Prologue mission.

Mission Debrief[edit]

In the Solar Empire Campaign you take command of the Battalions of the Solar Empire. Colonel Windsor and Commander Pierce of the Anglo Isles has believed rumors of a superweapon being constructed by the Solar Empire and launched a surprised attack. Empress Lei-Qo and Admiral Aqira your commanding officers deny these rumors and are preparing a counterattack. Defend the Solar Empire from the Anglo Isles Aggressors.

The Anglo Isles have launched a surprise attack on the outlying islands of the Solar Empire. Empress Lei-Qo must act quickly or face the dishonor of defeat.

Unit Composition[edit]

  • Solar Empire: Flame Vets, Grunts, Anti Air Vehicle
  • Anglo Isles: Bazooka Vet, Grunts, Bombers, Air Transports

Steps to Victory[edit]

  • Regroup with the other survivors and proceed to defend the damaged Solar Airbase.
  • Tilt Nunchuk button and push Neutral nunchuk in the same direction to do a combat roll.
  • Use the correct unit for each combat situation... tackle infantry with Flame Vets!


You start as a lone solar grunt located south west of your radar map. Rally the other four grunts by looking for the Gold Stars. Once you meet up with four more of the other grunts head to a heavy tank wreckage. Lock on with Z button and order your grunts to fire on the Heavy Tank wreck with A button. You can also destroy the wreck by locking on to the Heavy Tank wreck with Z button and press B button to fire. Once the Heavy Tank wreck is destroyed head to the next gold star located on your radar. You will encounter some enemy grunts on the way but flame Veteran Reinforcements will arrive to help deal with this threat. The next Gold Star pinpoints a bamboo gate that can't be destroyed by grunts so burn the gate down with the Flame Vets.

Once the path is cleared, head through the gate and you will encounter more grunts and another sealed gate. Defeat the grunts and burn down the gate and then head to the next gold star. You will encounter a Bazooka Veteran trying to destroy your anti air vehicles. Send your entire battalion after the Bazooka vet and you will be able to command the AA Vehicle.

You will encounter a Bomber but it is no match for your Anti Air Vehicle. Select the Anti Air Vehicle with Neutral dpad then lock on to the enemy Bomber with Z button and finally use A button to order it to shoot the Bomber down. You will then be ordered to take personal control of the AA Vehicle before the gate opens. Lock on to one of your units and press and hold A button to control transfer to it. Once you take control of the AA Vehicle head to the Airbase and shoot down any bomber you see. You will then be ordered to reraise the Solar Flag at the Airbase. Lock on to the Airbase Flag with Z button and order your men to reraise the Flag with A button.

After Raising the Solar Flag you will encounter Air Transports with grunts coming to retake the airbase you reclaimed. Shoot them down and you will encounter more bombers and Air Transports attempting to retake your airbase. Take control of the AA Vehicle to prevent the enemy Aircraft from causing problems and after destroying the last wave your mission will be completed.