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Area Rewards
  • Al Bhed Primer Vol. I

NPC Gifts

  • Potions x3 (or more)

Tidus will find himself being kicked awake in a strange place by the very people who had just saved him. They have brought him to their Al Bhed Salvage Ship. He is confused as they don't seem to speak a word of English. That is, until your savior does.

The Salvage Ship[edit]

When you get control of Tidus, talk to the man on the left behind the guy who walked out with the girl. He'll give you Potion x3. Go and save if you really want to, although it doesn't particularly matter. Opposite the Save Point is Al Bhed Primer Vol. I. This is your first of many books that allow you to translate the Al Bhed language, making certain cutscenes easier to understand. Talk to the girl once you're finished, and you'll be treated to a nice tutorial on how to use the Sphere Grid, this game's leveling-up system. It's important, but if you miss it or forget how to use it, you can view it again from any help console scattered throughout the rest of the game, or here, located elsewhere in the guide.

If you want more Potions (up to a maximum of 99), then go to the first screen after diving into the water. Go back to the previous screen, go onto the boat, then speak to the guy who gave you the Potions originally. He will continue to give you more. You can repeat this as many times as you want.

Once that's finished, make sure you upgrade Tidus, then talk to the girl again, and she'll explain what you have to do. The on-screen controls will tell you how to navigate in water, so look at your map and head towards the red arrow to your destination. Other than looking at the map, you can also follow the chain down to the sunken ruins. On the way, you may run into some random battles. None of them are particularly difficult as they are all against Piranhas which are easy to kill. Note that the girl in your party takes far too much AP to level up than you would reasonably be able to acquire here, so don't worry about it. If you want to participate in a few battles to level up Tidus a bit, to collect spheres for the Sphere Grid, or to steal some grenades for later, then you can.

Underwater Ruins[edit]

Once you've followed the chain to the entrance of the ruins, you'll go inside. Use the Save Sphere if you want, then head up and examine the console. The doors will open, and you'll head inside. Follow the girl along the tunnel to the room at the end, where you'll get into an unavoidable fight with two groups of Piranhas. Make sure you Steal some Grenades from them, since you'll need them for an upcoming battle. Otherwise two hits from Tidus or one from him and one from the girl will kill a group of Piranhas.

After the battle, examine the machine at the top of this room (the girl will be pointing at it) and you'll get a scene with the ruins powering up, and a monster closing in on you. You'll swim out, and be confronted by…

Boss Battle: Tros[edit]

  • Name: Tros
  • HP: 2200 (600)
  • AP: 8 (12)
  • Gil: 100
  • Steal: Grenades
  • Drop: Power Sphere 2x
  • Auto-Abilities: None
  • E Weaknesses: None
  • E Strengths: None

It's a giant squid! Use Cheer with Tidus if you want to help him and the girl out a little (if you got enough Sphere Levels to level him up), otherwise attack it with Tidus and use the girl to throw Grenades. A hit from Tidus will do about 150 damage, and a Grenade will do about 350. Steal more Grenades from Tros if you run out. The Trigger Commands in this battle are self-explanatory, and if Tros decides to swim away from you make sure you close the gap again with Pincer Attack (under Tidus' commands) or he'll use Nautilus Charge (you can't avoid this the first time he uses it) that will do about 170 damage to both of your party members. His ordinary tentacle attack will do 50-60 damage to one person, but it'll miss often. After 5 or 6 Grenades and a couple of attacks from Tidus, Tros will die.

Afterwards, swim towards the hole where the girl is. Follow the beam of light and the red arrow down to where the girl is waiting further towards the sea bed, to a wreck of an airship. After the scene, you'll be back on the deck of the salvage ship. After talking a bit and a few more scenes, you'll fall into the ocean, and all will go black.