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Area Rewards
  • Flint
  • Dried Bouquet


  • 200 Gil
  • Potion x2
  • Hi-Potion x2
  • Ether
  • X-Potion

NPC Gifts

Return Rewards

  • Onion Knight
  • Mega Phoenix x4
  • Megalixir
Control selector Select controller:
PlayStation 2, Nintendo Switch

This area during your first visit may be referred to as Submerged Ruins. Tidus later discovers it is actually Baaj Temple.

Lost At Sea[edit]

Will you survive being lost at sea?
  • Monsters: Sahagin (100 HP, 0 AP)
  • Boss: Geosgaeno (32767 HP, 4200 AP)

You will awake in the water. Swim north and soon you should see a bright blue ball in the northeast on a platform. Swim to the right and climb up the stairs and check that out. You wont be able to read it; it's Al Bhed. Continue north on this platform and open the chest for 200 Gil. Return to the water and swim west. In the top northwest corner, there should be a square shaped platform with a hole in the center. Climb up the stairs there and check out the blue sphere. If you have played before and collected some of the Al Bhed Primers, then you can load them with this Compilation Sphere to understand Al Bhed throughout the game. If you haven't played before, ignore it. Head south down the platform, across the bridge, and open the chest for Potion x2. Now, continue north and up the stairs in the center.

Start crossing the bridge, and follow the branch to the left. Grab the Hi-Potion at the end and then return to the main path. Continue north until the bridge falls apart and you fall into the water. Swim forward just a bit and soon Sahagins will ambush Tidus. These fish are extremely weak, and it should only take one hit for each. Once two are gone, a much, much bigger fish will eat the final Sahagin…

The Geosgaeno Confusion[edit]

Most people consider this a boss fight, but that's ridiculous. You can't win. He can't win, as his only attack simply causes Tidus to lose half his current HP. So, just attack. Don't heal (don't waste any Potions; always cherish those!). After about two or three hits, Tidus will run off and you'll be caught inside a temple. Walk up the ruins and listen as Tidus complains.

A New Hope[edit]

There is a Save Sphere if you need one, but your main focus is to build a fire for poor Tidus. Next to the Save Sphere is a large door. Push through it and grab the Flint from the desk in the back of this area. Now, we need tinder. But before we get that, go to the right of the room, where you should see a door (even though it isn't marked as such on your mini-map). Go right up to the door, and push to the right, and the screen should change. You should see a chest with a X-Potion in it. Return to the main area and head to the northern side. As you enter, you can grab an Ether from a chest at the bottom of the screen. Climb up the steps, and about halfway up, the camera will change to show you the Dried Bouquet. Grab it and then continue up the steps. Walk across the balcony to grab a Hi-Potion. Now, it's time to start a fire! Return to the center of the main area and examine the fire pit (Please note: definitely save before continuing. You'll need the full health after Geosgaeno before Klikk).

Tidus will fall asleep next to the fire and have a strange dream. When he awakes, he'll notice Klikk. This guy looks tough, and is the first boss you can actually die against! Be sure to have plenty of Potions!

BOSS FIGHT: Klikk[edit]

This will be the toughest battle yet!
  • Name: Klikk
  • HP: 1500 (400)
  • AP: 5 (7)
  • Gil: 50
  • Steal: Grenade
  • Drop: Ability Sphere 2x
  • Auto-Abilities: None
  • E Weaknesses: None
  • E Strengths: None

This is definitely the toughest fight yet. It'll basically be a back and forth fight (meaning you'll get one turn, then he will, and then you will). However, occasionally there will be a a two-turn round. So take the opportunity to heal and then hit him again. Focus on fighting for this first part, but heal when your health reaches approximately 110, because that's about how much he deals each turn. After you deal about 850 HP, some strangers will break through the wall and the girl "???" (Later found out as Rikku) will join you for now. She is very useful because she can Use Grenades, which deal much more damage than Tidus. After you are forced to use a Grenade the first round as Rikku, steal a Grenade. Basically, steal a Grenade, use it, and then steal it, etc, so that you remain with at least 2 Grenades; you'll need them for later. Be sure to keep each of their health above 110, but a death wont be too dramatic. Soon, this fight should be over; the hard part is waiting for Rikku.

Note: Once the cutscene happens (where you see the strange people entering), Klikk's heath will be back at full.

Unfortunately, these new "friends" aren't so friendly, nor do they speak English like Tidus… and they knock him out and kidnap Tidus to help on their Salvage Ship...


To find Baaj Temple you must have complete control of the airship. On the map search, press Cross button in the area just below Besaid Island (X co-ordinate 11-16, Y co-ordinate 57-63). When you arrive there, you will recognize it as the place where you were first dumped in Spira, however only a small portion will now be available to you. Save at the sphere when you arrive, and jump off the end of the platform to be re-united with an old friend.


With 32,767 HP and very high defense, Geosgaeno is just as tough as he looks, and this time round you're actually going to have to defeat this tough fiend. As this battle takes place underwater, you will only have Tidus, Wakka, and Rikku at your disposal. Preparing beforehand so that you start battle with full overdrive will always help. Geosgaeno doesn't have too many different attacks, but most notable is 'Stone Punch' which will petrify and shatter one character, and failing that will simply deal damage to them. Clearly this is a devastating blow, and its effect can be reduced by armor with Stoneward/Stoneproof (although not strictly necessary). Geosgaeno will also attack with 'KO Punch', however this doesn't permanently remove your character from the battle. As well as powerful physical attacks, Geosgaeno will sometimes swallow and then spit out one of your characters for major damage, as well as absorbing their positive status effects. Don't defeat Geosgaeno with one of your characters inside him unless you want to see Game Over.

Your first move should be to cast Hastega, and then unleash any overdrives you happen to have (if you've already captured enough monsters, you can combine a Shining Gem and a Supreme Gem with Rikku's Mix to knock off 20,000HP). Your attacks will probably only be doing about 500HP a hit, but coupled with Quick Hit (if you have it) this damage can build up quickly. Geosgaeno is weak against all the elements, so exploit this by using Wakka's Element Reels if you don't have Attack Reels, or any Fire Gems (stolen from Flame Flans) or learned magics. Fire Gems will quickly deplete Geosgaeno's health, so if you're having trouble go to the Calm Lands and steal them from the flans.

The Dark Aeon[edit]

Before entering the temple if you have the Celestial Mirror, search around in the water opposite the temple entrance about halfway down for a chest containing Lulu's Onion Knight. Otherwise head towards the green square on the map, and enter the temple through the submerged door. Head up the steps inside, and enter through the next door to find 6 statues and a large seal in front of the Chamber of the Fayth. Before examining the statues, turn around to find 2 treasure chests in the back corners which contain Mega Phoenix x4 and a Megalixir.

If you examine the seal, you will learn that each of the statues corresponds to a Destruction Seal in each Cloister of Trials you have been through. Each seal here is broken by opening the treasure chest that you found with the Destruction Sphere. If the statue lights up, you have the treasure. Examine the statues to determine which treasures you need out of the 6 Cloisters of Trials:

  1. Besaid's Seal is broken by acquiring the Destruction Sphere treasure from Besaid Temple (If you didn't complete Besaid's Cloister of Trials before, note that in the International/PS3 version Dark Valefor will be blocking the entrance to Besaid Village).
  2. Kilika's Seal can be broken by acquiring the Destruction Sphere treasure from Kilika Temple
  3. Djose's Seal can be broken by acquiring the Destruction Sphere treasure from Djose Temple.
  4. Macalania's Seal can be broken by acquiring the Destruction Sphere treasure from Macalania Temple. (If Destruction Sphere treasure wasn't acquired during your first visit, note that the International/PS3 version you will find Dark Shiva blocking the entrance to the Temple).
  5. Bevelle's Seal must be broken during the story line. You will not be able to return to collect the Destruction Sphere treasure if you missed it during your first attempt at Bevelle's Cloister of Trials.
  6. Zanarkand's Seal can only be broken by a second visit to Zanarkand's Cloister of Trials, covered below.

The statues won't specifically tell you what Temple they correspond to. However, it is easy to figure out. For example Djose's Aeon is Lighting based, the statue has a small crackle of lightning. If the statues don't light up for you, go back and break the remaining seals. (Note that the hidden Fayths have no trials, although you will still find a Strength Sphere in Yojimbo's Chamber of the Fayth, and a Defense Sphere in the Chamber of the Fayth at Remiem Temple).

Zanarkand Destruction Sphere[edit]

To break this seal, first return to Zanarkand Ruins and make your way along until you reach the Trials. You will notice the screen in front of you now shows 7 white 2 by 2 blocks. As with the original trials, you must find these blocks by stepping on the small lights on the floor. There are 3 of these white blocks in the first room, in the top right, mid-left and mid-center. The final 4 are found in the second room, on the mid-left (2nd from the white-blue glyph), mid-top (2nd from the blue glyph), top-right (2nd closest to the stairs) and mid-right (across from the red/pink glyph). After lighting up the 7 squares, the screen in the first room will move away revealing the destruction sphere. Take this and place it in the hole on the right of the screen in the second room to reveal the chest, which can be opened to break the (hopefully) final seal.

All Seals Broken[edit]

When you have broken all the seals, return to Baaj Temple and examine all 6 statues which should all now light up. When they do, the large seal will break, and you will be able to enter the Chamber of the Fayth to talk to the Fayth and then obtain the Aeon, Anima.

To return to Cid's airship, retrace your route until you get near the center of the flooded arena, and when the dialogue box saying surface/dive appears choose surface (even though you are already on the surface of the water) and it will transport you back onto that broken bridge way over your head and from there you can just walk back to a save sphere for your pickup.