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Area Rewards
  • Al Bhed Primer vol. XIX
  • Al Bhed Primer vol. XX
  • Al Bhed Primer vol. XXI


  • Al Bhed Potion x4
  • Friend Sphere
  • Al Bhed Potion x6
  • Special Sphere
  • Skill Sphere
  • Lvl 4 Key Sphere
  • Lvl 2 Key Sphere
  • 10,000 Gil


  • Hi-Potion x2

You will not be able to return to Home after this section, so make sure you get everything. Especially the Al Bhed Primers. Before you are able to do anything, there are a few scenes to watch first.


  1. Al Bhed Primer vol. XIX: found to the left of the entrance, across from the Save Sphere.
  2. Al Bhed Primer vol. XX: found in the Living Quarters (a room with 2 locked chests).
  3. Al Bhed Primer vol. XXI: found in the Main Corridor. The primer is on the floor at the end of the rightmost fork after the corridor forks into three sections.

Finding Yuna[edit]

Outside, check Keyakku's corpse for Hi-Potion x2, and use the Save Sphere if desired. Don't forget to pick up the Al Bhed Primer vol. XIX on the left.

Most of the enemies you'll encounter here are vulnerable to various Breaks and Slow (use Slowga for efficiency). Advance toward your party, and you'll be ambushed. This battle is against a Guado Guardian and three Bombs. The Bombs have 2,200 HP apiece which isn't too difficult to deplete with Lulu and Auron. You can use Lancet with Kimahri on a Bomb to learn Self-Destruct if you haven't done so already.

After the battle, follow Rikku and you'll be ambushed again. This time, it's against a Guado Guardian and two slightly more powerful Dual Horns. If you stole some Smoke Bombs from various enemies in Sanubia Desert, then use them here to give yourself an easier time — otherwise, use Dark Attack with Wakka.

After the second battle, descend the stairs to the fork, then turn around and go back. At the bottom of the stairs you just descended is a chest with Al Bhed Potion x4. Go back up the stairs, then enter the room on the left. You'll be immediately attacked by a Guado Guardian and two Dual Horns. After defeating them, you'll see the room contains two chests and Al Bhed Primer vol. XX. The chest on the left is called the Treasure Chest of Dreams. When you open it, you get to pick your prize from the following:

Bomb Elixir Hi-Potion
Mega-Potion Soft Chimera
Potion Remedy Evil Eye

The other chest requires a password, which you'll need to know Al Bhed for. Choose the bottom row, middle column for "Sorry"; middle row, right column for "Wait", and middle row, middle column for "Pardon". Doing so will net you a Friend Sphere. Don't forget to pick up the Al Bhed Primer vol. XX on the right of the room- it's your only chance to get it.

Return to the fork. Go straight to find Al Bhed Potion x6 and then go right at the fork. Follow the path all the way to the end for Al Bhed Primer vol. XXI, then enter a room to the right where you'll enter a battle with a Guado Guardian and two Chimeras. Here is also where you solve two puzzles to open a set of chests for a Skill Sphere and a Special Sphere.

Chest answers
  1. Question 1: 3rd Option (Yes)
  2. Question 2: 4th Option (Brother)
  3. Question 3: 2nd Option (Bikanel Island)
  4. Question 4: 1st Option (Al Bhed).

The answer to the second chest is 5633. When finished, go left through the passages to proceed towards Yuna.

This place is an awesome place to level up, even though it's under attack. Level up your characters so they know at least the following skills and such:

Once you approach the next section you'll learn a bit about the history of the Al Bhed and be attacked by some more Chimeras. After that you'll talk with your party members about why the Al Bhed are kidnapping the summoners, and then you can follow them down the stairs. At the bottom, before you go through the door, make sure you look around. To the extreme left of the stairs, from your point-of-view, there is a slightly hidden chest that contains a Lvl 4 Key Sphere, and there is a chest to the right of the first that contains a Lvl 2 Key Sphere. Enter the door for a sequence where Tidus will learn a truth about the Final Summoning and the Final Aeon.

Afterwards, check the lower left corner of this room for a chest containing 10,000 Gil, then go through the door and board the Airship. You'll fly off and watch as Home is destroyed. Unfortunately, Yuna's not around. You've gotta find her.