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Yuna is the female lead, and the majority of the game follows her and her guardian's journey from Besaid to Zanarkand Ruins in order to summon the final Aeon.


10 Years before Final Fantasy X starts, Yuna's father (Braska), along with Tidus' father (Jecht) and Auron defeated Sin temporarily with the final summoning, resulting in a Calm that has caused Yuna to be somewhat famous throughout Spira. Now 17, she leaves her island home of Besaid (although born in Bevelle, Auron and Kimahri brought her to Besaid at a promise to her father) to follow in her father's footsteps. Yuna's pilgrimage leads her through all of Yevon's major temples (and potentially some extra ones) where she must pray to the Fayth to receive Aeons to help the party through their difficult journey.

Basic Fighting Style[edit]

Yuna is the most unique character, as she is the only one able to summon Aeons. Until you reach the end of her Sphere Grid, Yuna is a purely defensive character, learning only protective and regenerative white magic spells. Her low strength means that the only way for her to launch a useful offence is by summoning an Aeon. Yuna's stats are generally on par with Lulu's throughout the game, with poor offense and defense and low HP. Both characters make up for this with a high amount of MP, and good Magic and Magic Defense. Although Yuna cannot quite match Lulu's excellent Magic Defense, her other stats are generally higher, most notably the considerably higher magic stat. As for other stats, Yuna has good Agility and Evasion, but slightly below average Accuracy.

For the Monster Arena and Dark Aeons, Yuna will be an essential part of the team. Her ability to summon not only allows for powerful attacks, but can also be used to block powerful attacks that would otherwise wipe the party out. Her high magic stat gives an excellent base for her to become a powerful attacker, and a tour around Auron, Tidus and Wakka's routes on the sphere grid will both turn Yuna into a competent attacker, but also max out most of the Aeons' stats too. Lulu's grid is another good choice if one wants to make Yuna into a "Sage" Character, as Yuna's utterly superior Magic stat renders Lulu obsolete once Yuna learns some Black Magic (Either through Black Magic Spheres or a well-placed Teleport Sphere). Although Yuna's overdrive is useful, better is the special ability on her Celestial weapon that allows more damage as Yuna's percentage MP is higher.

Notable Skills[edit]

The skills that Yuna gains on her initial route on the sphere grid are detailed below:

  • Cure - Basic healing spell that restores a small amount of health to one party member.
  • Esuna - Removes most bad status effects.
  • Nul-Blaze - Nullifies one fire based attack, spell is cast on entire party.
  • Nul-Frost - Nullifies one ice based attack, spell is cast on entire party.
  • Nul-Tide - Nullifies one water based attack, spell is cast on entire party.
  • Nul-Shock - Nullifies one thunder based attack, spell is cast on entire party.
  • Life - Revives a KO'd target with half HP
  • Pray - Healing technique that uses no MP, and restores a tiny amount of health to all active party members.
  • Cura - Second level healing spell that restores a medium amount of HP to one party member.
  • Shell - Halves the damage done from spells (including healing) on one party member.
  • Protect - Halves the damage done from physical attacks on one party member.
  • Reflect - Reflects spells (including healing) to the opposite battle side.
  • Dispel - Removes good status effects (and some bad status effects).
  • Curaga - Restores a large amount of health to one party member.
  • Regen - Positive status effect that causes one party member to regain a percentage of their total HP at the end of each turn.
  • Holy - Does a large amount of holy-based damage to one target.
  • Auto-Life - Positive status effect that causes the target to revive with critical HP after being KO'd. (Requires 2 lvl. 4 locks to be opened at the start of Yuna's grid).
  • Full-Life - Revives a KO'd target with full HP. (Requires 2 Lvl. 3 and 2 Lvl. 4 locks to be opened after the end of Yuna's grid).


Yuna's overdrive is Grand Summon. It will summon any available Aeon, but supply them with a full overdrive bar. After using this overdrive, the Aeon's overdrive bar goes back to what it was before it was summoned. Meaning that casting 2 overdrives in a row is possible if the Aeon already has full overdrive when Grand Summoned. For more information on Yuna's Aeons and their Overdrive Modes, visit Aeons.

Celestial Weapon[edit]

Yuna's Celestial Weapon is the Nirvana, and is powered up by the Moon Crest, then the Moon Sigil. Obtaining the weapon will require the Celestial Mirror, as will powering it up.

Obtaining the Weapon[edit]

Clear the Calm Lands for the Monster Arena (i.e capture one of every monster there), and a chest will appear at the Monster Arena entrance. Open the chest (using the Celestial Mirror) to obtain the weapon.

Moon Crest[edit]

This is located on the beach at Besaid Island. To reach it, swim out towards the sea and go right (from the perspective of facing the island) and round a large rock face to get onto another beach with the chest that contains the Moon Crest on it.

Moon Sigil[edit]

Defeat all 8 Aeons (both 5 regular and 3 secret) of Belgemine in Remiem Temple, and then choose to send Belgemine to receive the Moon Sigil. To be able to fight each Aeon you must have first obtained it yourself, and can battle each Aeon with only Yuna's other Aeons.

Final Outcome[edit]

Power up the Nirvana with both Moon Crest and Sigil and the outcome will be

  • Weapon Effects:
    • Break Damage Limit
    • Triple Overdrive
    • Double AP
    • One MP cost
  • Yuna does more damage when she has a higher percentage of her MP remaining
  • Valefor can break 9,999 damage limit