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Area Rewards
  • Al Bhed Primer vol. XXII

Welcome to Bevelle — unfortunately you don't get to freely explore it like you should.

Gatecrashing the Wedding[edit]

Well, it's not exactly gatecrashing, more like fighting against insurmountable odds. The airship will lose power and you'll approach Bevelle, where Yuna's being forcefully married (it's nice how the wedding theme sounds more like a funeral than a wedding). Your six party members will slide from the airship and land on the structure. Now you've gotta fight your way to Seymour and Yuna, which you can just about make out in the distance. Whilst you're up here, make sure you fully heal with Hi-Potions after every battle because if you die you're going to have to fight Evrae again which is not fun.

Random soldiers will approach you. There are four different things you'll fight along here:

  • Warrior Monks with guns make up the majority. They do about 250 a hit to one person and aren't too difficult to kill with only 1400 HP.
  • Warrior Monks with flamethrowers are a little more dangerous, doing about 450 to everyone with every attack. Kill these first as a priority, unless…
  • YKT-63s are giant semi-robotic contraptions with no arms and a raised leg (they look really weird). Kimahri can learn Thrust Kick off these with Lancet, and their physical attack does about 800-1000 to one person. However, any and all of these must be killed first, since if one is the last enemy standing it will use Thrust Kick to eject one party member, like if Evrae used Stone Gaze and then shattered a character in the last battle. Killing these takes priority over the flamethrower monks, so remember to heal up with Mega-Potions or Al Bhed Potions. They have 4200 HP.
  • YAT-99s are floating robots with cannons for arms. These can attack from a distance and they're out of melee range to begin with — they'll almost always have front-line enemies between them and you, so only Lulu's magic and Wakka's ball can hit them before defeating the front line of enemies. They have 2700 HP. They can hit everyone for about 800 damage or one person for about 1600.

After a few battles you'll confront the boss. Watch a few heartfelt scenes and head down the stairs. Circle around to the bottom and watch Walka come to grips with Yevon's true face, then head inside the newly open door. Head down a litle more and talk with everyone, pick up the Al Bhed Primer vol. XXII next to where Aauron just was standing, save, and then head on inside.