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Auron is a close friend of Tidus in Zanarkand, yet in Spira is renowned as one of the best guardians that has ever existed, guarding the great High Summoner Braska (Yuna's father) alongside Jecht (Tidus' father). His past is an especially important one, which made him who he is during the course of the game and explains how he seems to know so much about what is happening and what will happen.

Basic Fighting Style[edit]

Auron is the heavy hitter of the party, utilizing large two-handed swords for attack and bracers for defense. Auron initially (whilst going along his main section of the Sphere Grid) has the highest Strength and HP of any character, and also a fair Defense and Magical Defense. However, his largely physical nature and large weapon preference means he's slow and relatively inaccurate against faster enemies like wolves, lizards, and bees, and is not very skilled at using any form of magic. His MP is also quite low.

If you take on the Monster Arena and/or Dark Aeons, Auron will unfortunately not be of much use to you. This is owing to the fact that his Celestial Weapon does more damage when his health is lower This doesn't allow you to reach the same attack power as the likes of Tidus, Wakka, and later on Yuna and Rikku. His overdrives, although powerful, do not do the large amounts of different hits such as Tidus's and Wakka's, so are not as useful in this section of the game.

Notable Skills[edit]

These are the main skills that Auron learns along his primary section of the Sphere Grid:

  • Power Break — Inflicts damage and greatly lowers enemy Strength. (Note that all breaks count as status effects. So some enemies, particularly bosses, are immune to it).
  • Magic Break — Inflicts damage and greatly lowers enemy Magic. Useful against powerful spell casting enemies.
  • Armor Break — Inflicts damage and greatly lowers enemy Defense. This also nullifies armor on armored enemies which otherwise only Piercing weapons can do normal damage against. This becomes extremely useful towards the end of the game, and speeds up many battles.
  • Mental Break — Inflicts damage and greatly lowers enemy Magic Defense. Using this in conjunction with Magic Break against enemies that can heal themselves is a bad idea, since the amount spells like Curaga heal is based on the Magic of the user and Magic Defense of the target. Lowering both will result in such spells healing the same amount as before.
  • Threaten — Can stop an enemy for a few turns if it is not then physically attacked.
  • Guard/Sentinel — Allows user to take damage in place of other party members until his next turn. Sentinel does this in a defensive stance. Auron's high HP lends to this.
  • Zombie Attack — Inflicts damage and Zombie on one target (providing they're not immune to it). To exploit this, you can turn Yuna into a powerful attacker by using Life on a Zombified target, which is the equivalent of Lulu's Death spell.
  • Entrust — Adds the amount in the user's overdrive gauge to the intended target's meter.


Auron's Overdrive is Bushido. These attacks do the most damage when the button sequence that appears on the screen is inputted correctly before the allotted time is up.

Dragon Fang[edit]

  • button combination — Down dpad, Left dpad, Up dpad, Right dpad, L1 button, R1 button, Circle button, Cross button
  • hits all enemies for slightly more than an ordinary attack
  • only hits one enemy if the button sequence is not completed
  • you always have this overdrive

Shooting Star[edit]

  • button combination — Triangle button, Circle button, Square button, Cross button, Left dpad, Right dpad, Cross button
  • hits one enemy for high damage, may Eject them
  • no Eject effect if button sequence is not completed
  • collect 1 Jecht Sphere to obtain

Banishing Blade[edit]

  • button combination — Up dpad, L1 button, Down dpad, R1 button, Right dpad, Left dpad, Triangle button
  • hits one enemy for high damage, inflicts all four breaks (100% chance) if enemy not immune
  • only inflicts one random break if button sequence is not completed
  • collect 3 Jecht Sphere to obtain


  • button combination — Cross button, Right dpad, R1 button, Left dpad, L1 button, Triangle button
  • hits all enemies for high damage twice
  • only hits once if button sequence is not completed
  • collect all 10 Jecht Sphere to obtain

Collecting Jecht Spheres[edit]

Jecht Spheres only appear after you beat Spherimorph at Macalania Woods. Immediately after which you will gain your first sphere (and Auron's second overdrive). Therefore spheres listed in locations met early in the game can only be obtained later on. The spheres have a similar appearance to the Al Bhed Compilation Spheres. However, they can be picked up (by pressing Cross button). When you collect a sphere, a short scene from Lord Braska's pilgrimage 10 years ago will play. Allowing you to find out more about Auron, Jecht, and Braska. After the scene, the sphere will disappear and if you have enough, one of Auron's overdrives will be unlocked.

Sphere Locations[edit]

Map Name Details
Macalania — Spring After Defeating Spherimorph
Besaid Village On the right hand side of the temple
S.S Liki — Cabin Board at Besaid to be able to find this room
Luca Stadium — Basement A Outside the Auroch's Locker room
Mi'ihen Highroad — Oldroad Near the chest with Mars Crest, at the end of the road
Mushroom Rock Road — Precipice South of the rising platform
Moonflow — South Wharf Near the shoopuf dock
Thunder Plains — South Near a lightning rod/tower on the right (2nd one down from travel agency)
Macalania Forest — South Go right at the entrance from Thunder Plains
Mt. Gagazet — Mountain Road At a dead end from a fork outside (located somewhere between 1st and 2nd grave)

Celestial Weapon[edit]

Auron's Celestial Weapon is the Masamune, and is powered up by the Mars Crest, then the Mars Sigil. You need the Celestial Mirror to obtain this weapon.

Obtaining the Weapon[edit]

First of all, head down to the valley bottom of the Calm Lands, next to the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. Instead of going inside, head right along the cliff edge. A short way along you will find a statue of a Crusader with a sword stuck in the ground by it. Examine this statue, and you will receive a Rusty Sword. Having obtained that, head to Mushroom Rock from the Djose Highroad. Follow the path back through to the main section of Mushroom Rock to a small alcove with a rock lift. Go up the lift to a statue similar to the one in the Calm Lands. Place the Rusty Sword here. This reveals a symbol on the wall. Interact with it using the Celestial Mirror and it will open, revealing the Masamune.

The Mars Crest[edit]

This is at the very end of Mi'ihen Highroad's Oldroad section (where you landed if the Chocobo Eater nudged you off the cliff) inside a Chest. This is also the location of a Jecht Sphere if you're returning here after getting the Airship.

The Mars Sigil[edit]

To obtain the Mars Sigil, you must unlock 10 Area Conquest or Species Conquest monsters for the Monster Arena (Can be any combination of the two. Area Conquest require capturing all 10 fiend types from a single location, Species Conquest require capturing all 10 of one find type from all locations. More information about these can be found in the section for the Monster Arena). After unlocking at least 10, talk to the man in charge of the Arena and he will hand over the Sigil.

Final Outcome[edit]

When we power up the Celestial Weapon to the very limit the outcome will be:

  • Weapon Effects:
    • Break Damage Limit
    • Triple Overdrive
    • First Strike
    • Counterattack
  • Auron does more damage if his HP is in critical state.
  • Yojimbo can break the 9,999 damage limit.