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Kimahri is a large, blue member of the proud Ronso tribe that dwell on Mt. Gagazet. He brought Yuna to Besaid 10 years ago at Auron's request (due to his promise to Braska), where he has stayed with her ever since. Kimahri speaks very little, although when he does his statements are often wise. Kimahri is actually quite small for a Ronso, and is often seen a loggerheads with two larger warriors of the tribe, Yenke and Biran, who broke both Kimahri's horn and his pride when he was younger. Now Kimahri is both a guardian and loyal friend of Yuna, and is often portrayed as being proud and heroic throughout the pilgrimage.

Basic Fighting Style[edit]

In battle, Kimahri could be called either 'a-jack-of-all-trades' or 'a useless blue bag' depending on how you manipulate his unique Sphere Grid position. Although no fault of Kimahri's, he starts at a very unfortunate place on the Sphere Grid, able only to learn Lancet, Scan, and a balance of attributes as Ultima is tantalizingly locked away by a bunch of Lvl. 4 Key Spheres. Kimahri will quickly activate all the available nodes (perhaps around the time of Mi'ihen Highroad), and unlike the other characters has no natural path to progress down. However you may notice Kimahri's position is near the start of most of the character's paths, locked out by only a Lvl. 1 (or perhaps a level 2) Key Sphere. As these are obtained early in the game, Kimahri will be able to follow one other characters route, and essentially become a clone of that character. Of course, Kimahri is unlikely to equally match that character as his levels are first put towards conquering his initial area of the grid, so is often quite a way behind the 'cloned' character's position on the grid.

It is very easy to follow either Tidus, Rikku, Lulu, or Wakka around the grid, with Yuna and Auron's routes being quite a bit further out of reach. Therefore you should decide which character to follow:

  • Tidus — Having another character that can cast Haste and Slow can be very useful, especially if Tidus is KO'd. This route may also help improve Kimahri's somewhat lacking agility.
  • Rikku — Probably the best route to choose, as Rikku is a good all-round character, and her grid has decent HP and agility boosts, but mainly because it will allow you have access to her abilities (such as Steal and Use) before she joins your party.
  • Lulu — An extra black mage may be handy in elemental based areas, but as Kimahri will be so far behind Lulu he is likely to lack both the attributes and spells to be deployed as effectively.
  • Wakka — A good route to take if you want to bolster Kimahri's strength, as well as teaching a couple of extra abilities, although his accuracy is not likely to match that of Wakka's.
  • Yuna — A second white mage may be handy in some situations, especially where Yuna is unavailable, but in general it really isn't all that necessary to have two white mages. And of course, Kimahri does not have Yuna's ability to summon.
  • Auron — This might have been a good grid to follow if it wasn't so hard to get to, as the serious strength upgrades would help Kimahri, as well as complimenting his natural piercing ability. To reach this you would need some key spheres and you would also need to cover some area of Tidus or Wakka's grid first. Kimahri has quite a few things in common with Auron, like suitably high HP and strength, and most of his weapons have piercing like Auron, so if you are stuck for a way to take him this would be a good place to do so.

Potentially, Kimahri's position on the Sphere Grid would make him a lot easier to follow all the other character's paths if you decided to take on the Monster Arena and/or Dark Aeons. In reality however, Kimahri's overdrive becomes rather useless at this stage, and his Celestial weapon is probably the most difficult to fully power up.

Notable Skills[edit]

Kimahri only has two skills in his area of the Sphere Grid, which are:

  • Lancet — Drains a small amount of HP from the enemy and transfers it to the user. Only Kimahri can potentially learn new overdrive skills from this (see below).
  • Scan — Displays statistical and tactical information on the target. Although often the sensor ability is enough, the extra information from scan can be entertaining (try it on party members) and occasionally useful, but mostly not enough to merit using a turn on.


Kimahri's Ronso Rage Overdrives are akin to Blue Magic from other installments of Final Fantasy, in that they are enemy skills that are learnt from the enemies in some way and can then be used against enemies like a normal skill. To learn an overdrive you must use Lancet on an appropriate enemy (see table below for some, visit the overdrives page for a list of all), which will instantaneously learn the skill if not already learnt, and fill Kimahri's overdrive bar. After this these skills are activated as normal overdrives i.e. only when the overdrive bar is full from enduring enemy attacks (or however your chosen overdrive mode fills the bar). NB Multiple skills can be learnt from Biran and Yenke in your battle with them, just keep using lancet on them until you have learnt all the skills (you will only learn one each time).

Overdrive Enemy to lancet Description
Jump Skill available from outset Damage a single enemy
Seed Cannon Plant enemies (e.g. Grat, Balsam) Damage an enemy by a percentage of their health
Thrust Kick Robot enemies (e.g. YKT-11), Biran Ronso Eject an enemy, failing that damage the enemy
Aqua Breath Chimera Enemies, Yenke Ronso Causes water damage to all enemies
White Wind Dark Flan, Spirit, Yenke Ronso (when critical) Restores the party's HP by half, and cures some status effects.
Mighty Guard Behemoth Enemies, Biran Ronso (when critical) Casts shell, protect and NulAll on all active party members.
Stone Breath Basilisk type enemies (e.g. Anacondour), Yenke Ronso Petrifies all enemies
Fire Breath Horn type enemies (e.g. Dual Horn), Yenke Ronso Causes fire damage to all enemies
Doom Ghost type enemies (e.g. Wraith, Ghost), Biran Ronso If successful, enemy is KO'd after 5 turns
Self-Destruct Bomb type enemies (e.g. Bomb, Grenade), Biran Ronso KO's self to cause a large amount of damage to all enemies
Bad Breath Malboro Enemies Causes a variety of devastating status effects to all enemies
Nova Omega Weapon, Nemesis Causes a very large amount of damage to all enemies

Celestial Weapon[edit]

Kimahri's Celestial weapon is the Spirit Lance. It is powered up by the Saturn Crest, then the Saturn Sigil. Obtaining the weapon will require the Celestial Mirror, as will powering it up.

Obtaining the Weapon[edit]

Go to the Thunder Plains and locate all 3 glowing Cactuar stones, praying at them using the Square button button. After you have prayed at all 3, follow the Cactuar ghost to the abandoned tower that Maechen talked to you about (in the southern part, on the right hand side), and pray at it again using the Square button button to obtain the lance.

Saturn Crest[edit]

On Mt. Gagazet, the chest is hidden between some pillars on the left shortly after the second boss battle here (with Seymour Flux) before entering the mountain.

Saturn Sigil[edit]

Possibly the most difficult Sigil to obtain in the game, you must return to the entrance of Macalania Woods after obtaining the airship and speak to the bird-headed musician to start a mini-game. You must collect all the blue butterflies while avoiding the red ones before the time runs out. Every red butterfly you touch starts an encounter, eating away your time.

Final Outcome[edit]

When you power up the Celestial Weapon to the very limit the outcome will be:

  • Weapon Effects:
    • Break Damage Limit
    • Triple Overdrive
    • Double AP
    • Evade + Counter
  • HP Kimahri does more damage the higher the percentage of his HP.
  • Ixion can break the 9,999 damage limit.