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Area Rewards
  • Al Bhed Primer XI
  • Phoenix Down x2
  • Bright Bangle
  • 4,000 Gil
  • Ability Spheres x4
  • Ether
  • Remedy
  • Mega-Phoenix
  • Switch Hitter
NPC Gifts
  • Halberd
  • Variable Steel
  • Soft Ring
  • Ether
  • Mega-Potion
  • Hi-Potion
  • Potion

Return Rewards

  • Fortune Sphere
  • Magic Defense Sphere
  • Evasion Sphere

You're not quite to Djose Temple yet. There's a short road you need to travel along. Make sure you run after the people on the road. One of them has a Soft Ring which is really useful for a new kind of enemy you'll encounter here - Basilisks. They have the ability to petrify you, so it's a good idea to equip the ring on Yuna to grant her immunity. Kimahri can learn the Stone Breath Ronso Rage from these guys as well. So, don't forget to use his Lancet. The chest a little way along this road contains 2 Phoenix Downs, and not too far ahead is Al Bhed Primer XI slightly hidden behind a stone pillar on the right. Further along there's a Bright Bangle in an alcove. Carry on along the road to the entrance of Djose Temple.

TIP* Fighting Basilisk to get Stonetouch weapons will greatly help you all the way to Bevelle since all enemies up to that point are susceptible to it.

Highroad Enemies

  • Simurgh - Aerial bird-type fiend that can cast darkness as it hits. Great Evasion. Weak against Fire.
  • Garm - Lupine-type fiend. Very nimble with high Magic Defense. Weak to Fire and Lightning.
  • Bunyip - Helm-type fiend. Weak against Water and Ice.
  • Lamashtu - Drake-type fiend with ice-based breath. Weak against fire.
  • Raptor - Reptile-type fiend. Able to cause petrification. Weak against ice.
  • Funguar - Same as encountered on the Mushroom Rock Road. Weak against Fire.
  • Basilisk - Snake like. Has the ability to perform Stone Breath and petrify a member of the party.
  • Bite Bug - Wasp-type fiend. Can inflict poison. Fast to Evade. Weak against Ice.

The Temple[edit]

Djose Temple. The third temple in Yuna's journey. It is lightning-based, like Kilika was fire-based. Upon entering the area, you will get to watch a rather impressive orbiting rock field around the temple itself. In your amazement, don't forget to look left past the bewildered Chocobo Knights for a chest containing 4,000 Gil. Another with 4 Ability Spheres is just behind the building on the right before entering Djose Temple. Once inside you'll meet Isaaru, another summoner, who you will find is quite different from Dona. After the cut-scenes, you can check the left-hand side of the stairs to the Cloister of Trials for an Ether, and the side room on the left contains a Remedy. In the right hand side room you can find a Mega Phoenix — which is really useful in a tight spot. Once you're finished exploring, ascend the stairs to the Cloister of Trials. But wait! Isaaru has returned to inform you of an important rumor first.

Djose Temple: Cloister of Trials[edit]

This temple is a bit more complicated than either Besaid or Kilika. First things first, take the two Djose Spheres out of the side slots and move them to the slots on the door to open it and trigger a section of the large glowing Yevon symbol up ahead to light up. Your goal is to light up the whole symbol. Head on through. In the next room, the glyph on the door doesn't do anything, so remove the Djose Sphere connected to it and place it in either of the two slots between the unreachable Glyph Sphere and the pedestal on the ceiling. Take the other Djose Sphere powering one of the sections of the Yevon symbol and put it in the other slot. Now, leave the other Djose Sphere in the movable pedestal and push it along until it's directly underneath the pedestal on the ceiling. This will supercharge the Djose Sphere in the pedestal.

It's now powerful enough that you can put it in the door trigger slot, and it'll open, but only for as long as that sphere remains in the slot (the other Djose Spheres aren't powerful enough, and you can't supercharge more than one of them). Beyond the door will appear to be a dead end — a large painful lightning field and endless drop between you and the other side. Shoving the pedestal into it doesn't work (if you try this and lose the pedestal, simply stand on the shining glyph on the left-hand side of this room to get it back — the pedestal is obviously made of pretty tough stuff). What you need to do is put two more Djose Spheres (and not the one holding up the door) into it, then shove it into the lightning field. This will cause the pedestal to float back up, and miraculously act as a platform for Tidus to cross the gap! Hop across and push the pedestal on the other side already containing a Djose Sphere into into the wall, powering up the inner "eye" of the Yevon symbol.

Now for lighting up the rest of the symbol. First of all, use the shining glyph to get the pedestal back. Take the two Djose Spheres from it and put them in the side slots in the first room. This will power up the two sides of the Yevon symbol. For the last part around the "eye", take the supercharged Djose Sphere from the door-triggering slot, and put it in the other spare slot that you found a Djose Sphere in to begin with (on the left-hand side of the door to the lightning field room). The pedestal will disappear, and a lift will appear on the symbol. But don't go on it just yet — go left to where the shining glyph is and touch the pulsating glyph on the wall. The wall will rise up, revealing the Destruction Sphere. Take this, then stand on the lift to be taken up to the next floor of the temple. Head up to the room ahead, and push the five pedestals into their respective wall sections. Another pedestal will appear in the center of the walkway between here and the lift, where a wall has risen to reveal the exit staircase. Put the Destruction Sphere you carried with you in the newly appeared pedestal. This will blow a hole in the wall, revealing the Destruction Sphere treasure for Djose Temple; a "Magic Sphere". This creates a Magic +4 node on the Sphere Grid which can then be activated by a Mana Sphere. You have finished the Cloister of Trials and can finally enter the antechamber and get your next summon by walking up the staircase.

Talk with your party up here. You will also see Dona again. Once the scene with her is over, you can try to leave to trigger Yuna to reappear from the Fayth room. You'll rest, and get a new Aeon! This one is Ixion, the lightning-based summon. Once you awaken you'll be outside Djose Temple, waiting for Yuna. You can't leave this area to the south to trigger her appearance this time, so head inside the Temple and into the left-hand side room. Speak with the priestess here and Yuna will wake up. A cut-scene will trigger, taking you out of the temple. Once control of Tidus is returned, head into the building on the right to find a Switch Hitter now available in the chest toward the back of the shop since the man blocking it before has moved out of the way. Save the game and walk away from the temple. At the left of the bridge there should be a man standing there. Talk to him and you shall receive a weapon called Halberd. Further down on the left there is another man. Talk to him to receive ten Potions. Also, a Yevon priest may walk past. Talk to him to receive two Hi-Potions Finally, follow Yuna back along the bridge and to the junction. Next up, it's the Moonflow!


After you control the Airship, return to the temple and complete the Djose Cloister of Trials again. Doing so will reward you with a cutscene (+ a Fortune Sphere/Luck Sphere) and some treasure chests in the antechamber containing a Magic Defense Sphere and an Evasion Sphere (Agility Sphere in HD Remastered version)fense Sphere and a Luck Sphere).